February 22, 2017 Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY February 22, 2017 Meeting

Open: Pledge of Allegiance Committee Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan. 2 Absent: Ed Kroll and George Vurno Guest Attendance: Jim Jones, Pat Sarnello, Nancy Sernotti, Allison Wagner, Barry Cheney. Dale VanNimwegen Advised that she reviewed the draft outline of the annual report and will circulate it out for comments. Also, will prepare a letter asking for funds. Paul stated he sent an e-mail to WM administrator asking for $10k during their budget review to go towards several projects needed to improve GL.

Eric Hastings

3 Lake Park Terr. – The docks and lift are falling apart. Eric advised he will help remove the debris. Paul advised he will contact parties to have them contact Eric for his help.
Advised that drawdown has been useful.
Suggests inserting a turbine to generate money for the commission. oDefine the responsibilities. oDefine the permit process. oEthics materials. Floyd DeAngelo West Point Colonel John Graham reported that the water by 17A day bridge has a high concentration of ammonia. Michael Flaherty DEC – Village never obtained permit for passive boat launch. Paul Sullivan Advised the Freeholders have 20k, and is ready to go in a few weeks. Eric Pain Drawdown recap: 10/11 9’5”, 1/1 5’4”, 4’11”; currently about 2’ to go. In accordance with the DEP, a follow-up report is required to describe the effects of the drawdown. As soon as vegetation appears, Eric will visit the sites and report on it. This report will also go to the DEC. Lake Management Plan: Eric compared GWL plan to Hopatcong plan and suggests we revamp the plan and bring it up to speed. oWill be meeting with the geological committee week of Feb. 27, 2017 Eric also wants to confirm minimal dam outflows, condition of the gate mechanism, effect on Invasive aquatic vegetation, language about dates and if we should include the condition of the dam. Bill Link Noticed ice is pushing around the stumps down by small craft. Clint Smith Will follow-up on dock specifications. Should be issued to guide building of docks. Would like NJGLC meetings be held in the GLC offices. Article in paper about WMDPW using brine on the roads to combat ice. Further study/research needs to be done before the commission sends a letter supporting the use of brine suggested by several commissioners. Paul Zarrillo Commission’s approval was granted to take additional drone pictures and videos of the south end of the Lake. Waiting on the vegetation at the location of the 2 arms and creek on the lake. Cost @ $500.00 4:00pm Stump Bidders Conference – only 1 participant. oEric P, Clint S, and Paul Z were in attendance. User Fees: Need to get definitive answer as to whether legislation is still in effect in NY – Floyd has conflicting answers.
oPaul, Mike and Clint are on the committee to investigate. Public Session Jim Jones ~ Upper Greenwood Lake Offered to help the GWL reduce stumps and remove floating issues. Built Barges to do own stump grinding/removal Purchased a 24’ pontoon boat, widened it and attached a knuckle boom and has a hydraulic wench. Takes 3 to operate boat and its local people whom operate it; not for hire. Stump budget of 20k. Also have a second barge that they have added to in order to accommodate their operation. Executive Session After conducting several interviews, the GWLC voted and approved Allison Wagner as the new secretary on February 22, 2017.

REMINDER NEXT MEETING IS IN WEST MILFORD ON 3/22 at Hillcrest School; 1810 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ 07480 Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 2/11 2 George Vurno 2/11 2 Dale VanNimwegen 2/11 2 Ed Krull 2/11 2 Clint Smith 2/11 2 Paul Sullivan 2/11 2 Bill Link 2/11 2 Eric Hastings 2/11 2 Floyd DeAngelo 2/11 0 Eric Pain 2/11 2 Michael Flaherty 2/11 2