SPECIAL NOTICE - The Greenwood Lake Commission will be hosting a Boat Safety Certification Course at reduced cost through the Coast Guard Auxiliary on May 17th at the West Milford Airport from 9am-5pm. The certification will allow you to operate a boat in New York and New Jersey, and costs $70 per person. Special rewards and discounts will be given to those who per-register. To sign up please call the GWLC office at 973-506-7800, and checks and money orders can be addressed to The Greenwood Lake Commission, and can be mailed to PO Box 93 Hewitt, NJ 07421.

SPECIAL NOTICE #2 - If any local business owners or artists wish to be a vendor in this years Power Boat Races sponsored by the West Milford Fire Department you can click the link below.

The Greenwood Lake Commission is a bi-state commission that was formed in 2001 for the express purpose of improving the water quality of this beautiful lake. Our Mission is to serve as a bi-state cooperative effort to help ensure that the natural, scenic, economic, and recreational resources of Greenwood Lake and its watershed are protected, so that the pristine beauty of the area will be preserved and maintained for the enjoyment and recreation of present and future generations. Greenwood Lake supplies over three million residents and thousands of businesses with their water supplies.