The document which contains results for Greenwood Lake from the most recent samples collected and analyzed by the Bureau of Freshwater and Biological Monitoring (BFBM) is now available on both, as well as the BFBM CyanoHABs Events webpage:

The next meeting will be 10/23/2019 @ 7pm at the senior center in the village of greenwood lake, ny


Upcoming Meetings and Events:

Senate Bill S-2167 which provides permanent funding annually of $500,000. to the GLC was unanimously passed last spring and its corresponding legislation in the Assembly, Bill A-3804, was unanimously passed recently in the Environment and Solid Waste Committee. It now waits to be heard in the Appropriations Committee.  You can follow the Bill’s progress and request passage at:


General Updates:

  1. The GWLC is happy to announce that our stump reduction and floating stump field projects were successful. Three dangerous floating stump fields were removed in addition to the 1,076 stumps that were cut at lake bed level and removed from the lake. The GWLC would like to thank all boaters for their cooperation during the three-week long project and for your interest in this project.

  2. The GWLC’s sponsors United State Coast Guard approved Boat License courses. Located at the Greenwood Lake Airport. Pizza and water are included. Check back in the New Year for 2019 dates.

  3. Free Vessel Safety Check at Sportsman’s Marina

  4. Potential 2019 Projects:

Mission Statement:

The Greenwood Lake Commission is a bi-state commission that was formed in 2001 for the express purpose of improving the water quality of this beautiful lake. Our Mission is to serve as a bi-state cooperative effort to help ensure that the natural, scenic, economic, and recreational resources of Greenwood Lake and its watershed are protected, so that the pristine beauty of the area will be preserved and maintained for the enjoyment and recreation of present and future generations. Greenwood Lake supplies over three million residents and thousands of businesses with their water supplies.