June 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY June 28, 2017 Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Cathy Ahlers, Ed Kroll, Paul Sullivan, Bill Link. 1 Absent: George Vurno Guest: Mayor Jesse Dwyer, Attorney for GWL Village; John Buckheit, Jonathan Brett; GWL Townhomes, Karen Albert; resident, Lou Signorino; councilman TREASURY REPORT: • Mid year report on Financial. NJ commission, close to same as last year on revenue and expenses. 20K from OC didn’t come into account until the later part of the year. • Payment was made to the The technology insurance company for our workers compensation insurance, still needs to be filed when the audit is complete within the next 30 days. • IRS called back last week, we have yet to connect. Will report on next meeting. Whats being investigated is not owing taxes but rather registering certain fillings on our commission status. • D&O insurance due in September time frame. • No monies from the town of Warwick as of yet. • 20K due to come in soon from Orange County. • Received from the US department of commerce, a census on registered businesses. They sample the level of capital expenditures. Survey has been filed and copies can be made if you would like one. o 27.5k in Lakeland Account and 21K in Sterling Account


George Vurno

• No Report

Eric Hastings

• Fielded several phone calls about the dumping in UGWL from the bridge widening project On Warwick turnpike, UGWL drains into the Hudson and GWL. Trying to get NY involved, emailed all commissioners, showed pictures of the sludge that is being dumped at a house in Upper Greenwood Lake. Well over the 55 yard limit. Made calls to DEP and DEC and Senator Pennacchio. • Can smell the contaminant in it. Hazardous materials. No slit fence, no retaining wall. • Johnathan Brett, tremendous resource for access into the area via the condos. Floyd DeAngelo • July 20th, town board meeting, can present annual report at 6/6:30pm. George, Eric and Dale will be there to present at Warwick town hall. • County: Barry Cheney is going to get the date of the Committee meeting so the annual report can be presented by George, Dale, and Floyd. (instead of presenting to whole legislature)

Michael Flaherty/Cathy Alhers • No report. Paul Sullivan • Working on a date for the annual report to be presented to the Freeholders. Eric Pain • The lake is at 9’ 11.8” and the outflow is 4.3 million gallons a day. Water is still flowing over the top at a good rate. Advised will watch closely so that the minimum is not exceeded. • Closing the dam when water is coming over the top has come up as question. Cannot because of stranding downstream life. • Division of land use is involved in the bridge matter in UGWL. Bill Link • Thinking about the accident fund; feels it didn’t have the effect of bringing forward people. Commissioners advise the monies are good for 3 years and that the police advised it is still under investigation. Clint Smith  Gathered the information on the property owners of Belchers creek.  Would like to contact some of the owners to see if they will help remove some of the debris on their property along with 2 large trees that are in that location as well.

Dale VanNimwegen

 Letter drafted to Karen Dauphinais and will be sent to the rest of the commissioners.  Raising monies from private sources: going to pursue names to see if they will be a part of the foundation, using the contact list to potentially raise money from the general population.  Will make corrections to the annual report, and then make new ones for the meetings.

Paul Zarrillo • Advised of new location for West Milford meetings • Airshow - Tyler was there to help as well, not the best response maybe due to location of booth. • Boat races were a low turnout, bad weather • MSU will give their report next month at the meeting. • Neighbor, Mike will give presentation on the fire-boat that is available on Greenwood lake. • Spoke at the council about the boat safety inspection, boat license course and the annual report. • Stump project: need to find rooms to house Silt busters for their time here. • Drone: July 8th to video the East Arm and Belchers creek • Water chestnuts need to go on calendar to make sure they are taken care of next year. • Donation tab on website. Maybe add a paypal link. • Reviewing contract for Silt Busters and then sending new copy to Mark. Public Input Mayor Jesse Dwyer: • North Arm ~ aquathol k went into the waters today. Can any Harvesting can be done? • Grant through Senator Bonacic offices: $50-100,000. for machinery. • Next year we will apply further with the herbicides, aquathol k kills lily pads.
• Wants to borrow or buy a weed harvester that’s good. No more hand me downs. • North arm, boat launch soft opening July 8th, ribbon cutting in September/October. • Roof top boat launch, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc,. no motors. Passive vessels only. • Will suggest a sign to be placed to Wash your vessel before it is put into the water. List of Rules. • Suggest intern Tyler spearheads a campaign on the Goose problem by notifying and educating the public about different options of “Culling the geese”. • Paul will e-mail the report of the geese population to Jesse

Jonathan Brett:
• Lake resident for 25 years. Belchers creek, on the board for the Townhouses.
• Docks will not be able to be used soon because the water drops to low and also due to the weeds.

Upcoming Event Dates:
REMINDER: Next meeting is at the West Milford Library @ 1470 Union Valley Road. West Milford, NJ 07480 Room 4. Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 6/6 6 George Vurno 4/6 3 Dale VanNimwegen 5/6 6 Ed Krull 1/6 0 Clint Smith 6/6 5 Paul Sullivan 3/6 4 Bill Link 4/6 3 Eric Hastings 6/6 5 Floyd DeAngelo 5/6 4 Eric Pain 5/6 5 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 5/6 4

May 24, 2017 Meeting

Greenwood Lake Commission 1810 Macopin Road West Milford, NJ 0749 May 24, 2017 Meeting Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo, Cathy Ahlers, Willie Zarrillo. 1 Absent: Ed Kroll, Bill Link, Paul Sullivan commissioners reports: Dale VanNimwegen Treasury Report: Year to date; through today, there’s a slight difference between the two banks, the $20 difference is the charge of $5 a month for Bank fees from Sterling Bank (NY bank account) that Lake land Bank does not. Newspaper fees, $100/125.00 has to be paid, associated with the public notices. Not included in the accounting but listed is @ $20.00 for copies The $60.00 taken out of account has since been placed back. Accident on bank side. $20K deposited from Passic County is in the Lake land Bank. $1582.xx has been deposited from the Boat Safety Course from May 21, 2017 class. @ $50,000 in bank accounts for GWLC. Called the IRS to find out why GWLC had never filed for an exempt organization form and why we never had to file one. It’s an unfolding matter. It’s not paying taxes; its about filing to maintain exempt status as an organization. Spoke to people who said that we are quasi government agency and not subject to these filings, however there have been changes and will follow-up to see if we have to file or not. If there are penalties that need to be paid, we will plead stupidity and hopefully get them evaded. Sent email to Bill Olsen, the GWL watershed management district to see if we can name parties to the organization to help launch the crowd funding. Advised would like to raise funds via private donations. Crowd funding via email address: oKick starter - creative projects, oGofundme - short term fund raising. oIndiegogo - campaigns for navigational safety Monaghan Grant - Dale spoke to Karen Dauphinais about the possibility of getting an extension out to June 2018 for the remaining 18k. In order to get the extension, Karen is requesting a list of activities/projects that the monies will be used for. Mike will find out about the stump removal/reduction for the NY Side. Concerns for the fisheries and weeds. Thinks if there is a real need because of public safety, they may consider it. George will e-mail Dale his 1st and 2nd choices of projects to be completed with the Monaghan grant.

George Vurno

No Report

Eric Hastings

Has not be able to get to the HDR files, but will and would like to recommend that the GWLC does not move forward with anything until he does. Floyd DeAngelo Commissioners Report: Advised he spoke to Barry Cheney about appearing before the orange county legislature, he suggests its better to talk to committee instead of whole legislator. Suggested a 10 minute presentation before the whole group. Town Board ~ can arrange a presentation as a workshop or a public session. GWLC would like to do a 10-15 minute presentation prior to their meeting. June 21st is a scheduled meeting for the west Milford monthly meeting Advised he spoke to the Mayor Jesse Dwyer regarding user fees. Jesse advised he wants to know exactly what the user fees would be used for and would like it in writing. Paul advised the User Fee Committee will put the list together for him.

Michael Flaherty Introduced Cathy Ahlers, and advised will split the responsibility for GWLC. Kathy’s job very regulatory in nature and falls in the environmental quality section of the department. Advised of Kelly Tutoro will also share the responsibility of the GWLC. Has been talking to NJ DEP and managing the fisheries on the lake.
NJ does all the stocking for GWL Electro-fishing - Did the East Shore of NY last night and will do the West Shore next. There was an infection of large mouth bass virus that impacted the bass population years ago, and the preliminary results seem to indicate that the s like population has not grown back to the levels that existed prior to the disease outbreak. The walleye population seems to be doing very well. Paul Sullivan No report Eric Pain The lake is at 10’ 2” and the outflow is 27 million gallons a day. Water is still flowing over the top at a good rate. Advised will watch closely so that the minimum is not exceeded. Advised by the NJ Fish and Wildlife that the federal clean water act protects the pre-existing classifications of the stream. You can not downgrade a stream, but only upgrade it. Waiting for GEO water and science to get back to him on some questions. Plan to propose the 2 foot water drawdown in the Lake Management Plan. Advised intern took on a different job and will not be available to work with GWLC Bill Link No report. Clint Smith No report

Paul Zarrillo Received the contract for the $20k from Orange County; NY is asking for NY state workers compensation and NY State disability certificate of insurance. Concerned we can not meet the requirements Letter came from the executive assistant to the commission of public works of orange county and advised to contact the attorney general office. Letter from broker stating that we have coverage in NJ And that it would cover someone in NY and just forward. Contract has been signed and notarized in case we are to move forward with it. Boat Class had a record of 44 attendees. $178/pizza, $1540/USCGA, $1580/GWLC Contacted the DPW about a big oak tree new Wallish Property and top of a tree near Greenbrook Estates. Suggested paying Tyler Lee or a small business person to volunteer his time at some of the up coming events. oClint suggested to contact the Elks to help do the cleanup on their own property. Looking for individuals to do small maintenance work with their boats Stump Reduction Project oTalked to local restaurants on the lake to host a fundraiser. oLocal foundation agreed to be a part of a fundraiser to be a part of the gaming permit, raffles, etc. George said he would look into the gaming laws. Looked into Lakeland Bank accounts that have monies in there for the reward of the boat accident; the bank advised that there is a 3 year limit for no action, however, will send a reminder letter at 2 years. Just have to make small deposit to keep it active and open. Checked with the DEP and Michael was going to check with the DEC to see that its ok to do a fundraiser for the herbicides. Would have to go out for Bids. GWL Village does it themselves. Silt Busters Dredging LLC., - Would like to have them start the 1st week of August. Annual Report presentation meeting to be set up by Flyod for the County, WM, and Warwick Ed Kroll to set up date for GWL Village for the GWLC to present the Annual Report Paul will send an email to the steering committee to put a date on the calendar for the meeting. Drawdown signs - Just a few left to bring down; otherwise project is done. Workshop/Picnic to discuss broader issues towards the end of the summer. Public Input Steve Bryan - South Shores Marina Suggested a funding source of the running of the GWL Triathlon. Roughly 200 participants and registration fee was $165.00 Need to hire a timing company Need volunteers to help in certain areas Advised there is a pending application for the redevelopment of the Mason’s mountainside motel and there has been a USE variance granted as of last night, but it still needs sight plans and health department approval. Concerns with the septic and the health hazards to the lake. Advised the septic is old and hasn’t been used in 10+ years. T1 permit allows 3375 gallons discharge per day. The T1 permit stays with the property. Eric Pain to help follow-up for the septic issue. Above 1000 gallons per day, permits go to the State. Was advised that the permit was renewed in 2013, will expire in 2018. Petition is being submitted to the town. Has an affidavit from someone who worked on the septic in the 70’s that says when he investigated the septic, there was no water/leakage that was making it to the seepage pits.

Upcoming Event Dates:
REMINDER: Next meeting is at the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY. Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 5/12 5 George Vurno 4/12 3 Dale VanNimwegen 4/12 5 Ed Krull 0/12 0 Clint Smith 5/12 4 Paul Sullivan 2/12 3 Bill Link 3/12 2 Eric Hastings 5/12 4 Floyd DeAngelo 4/12 3 Eric Pain 4/12 4 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 4/12 4

April 26, 2017 Meeting

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY April 26, 2017 Meeting Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo. Absent: Ed Kroll, Paul Sullivan Dale VanNimwegen Explained and circulated the Annual Report out for comments. Made 2 copies for each commissioners to distribute. Advised will send hard copy of annual report to select individuals on the e-mail distribution list. Waiting to set up meeting dates for the annual report to be presented in front of each town, council, and trustee meeting. Advised will post treasury report in town hall. Updated all on treasury reports as well as expenses paid. Will look into the bank account for reward on boating accident. Waiting to receive invoices from Town of Warwick, Village of Greenwood lake, Orange County. Would like to hold $15K in reserve.

George Vurno

Advised he spoke to Mayor Jesse Dwyer about getting the sediment drains fixed because the steel structures have disintegrated. He will work with Jesse and the town to get a report written to rectify the situation of a lot of sediment in the lake.

Eric Hastings

Will put time into finding monies for HDR. They (HDR) were adamant about not giving the final presentation at the lions club until they were fully paid. And they were fully paid, we just have to prove it. Before he jumps into all the records that we (GWLC) have, he did find an old file Put the commission on quick books after Ellen passed, (a period of only 2 or 3 commissioners) Found that old file. He would hate to go in and rummage through all the stuff….. and will spend some time. There were some earlier payments that are probably not on there, that I haven’t gone through yet with a fine tooth comb Verify that they are not from NJ side. HDR reports are sitting with DEP and DEC; we must find grant money to move forward.

Floyd DeAngelo Advised he spoke to Karl and advised the user fee expired. To reopen user fee, a letter from the town of Warwick, GWL, and WM need to be sent asking for it. Then the request will be forwarded to the state and other organizations. Confirmed with the building inspector that the correct paperwork has been file for permits for persons building on the lake.

Michael Flaherty Advised the current regional director Kelly Tuturno will be replacing Martin. Advised will do a coordinated survey of the fisheries. Will put an electric charge in the water right around the boat to stun, catch, survey, and then return to the water. The survey will take measurements and scale samples. Will send some off to the Lamar Penn. Laboratory for testing. Eric Pain Water level is at 10’3”. Out flow is 62 cubic feet per second = 40 million gallons per day. Lake Management Plan: Still working on specs. Working with the division of water supply and Geo science in getting the technical aspects of the Lake Hopatcong plan ironed out to fit into the GWL plan. Believes the downstream water flow is low; Not enough to sustain the trout maintenance. Clint Smith Learned from Houstious, don’t use the word dreading, or DE-silting because we are not taking away from the bottom. Floating stumps. Not floating islands. Thinks it wouldn’t hurt if we were involved in the American water works Would like to see if we can advance the ball of selling of water. Paul Zarrillo Bill and I met with the NJ State Police who is in charge of the GWL patrol and the investigation of the boating incident from last year. We’ve asked The NJ State police to patrol later at night and to try to decrease the speeding at night. Provided NJSP a list of activities that are going on in and around the lake. Gave Clint a draft of doc specs from GWLC 2004. Contacted Dr Fred from Trenton about the grants, and he is checking with the DEP for possible grants coming up. Silt Busters made a visit on 4/28 to survey the lake and get a better understanding of what is needed for the job. Request from TV Station to do coverage on the Stump reduction project. Huge floating stump at 35 Park Lake Terr. Stump has been pulled closer to shore and tied off. Advised Montclair State University is finishing up their report and will make a presentation at the GWLC meeting soon. Upcoming Event Dates: May 19 - 25th.. Hoboken Film Festival in the Village May 21.. USCGA Boating Course at G L Airport/ 9 - 5 PM June 4th.. USCGA Boat Safety Inspection @ Sportsmans Marina/ 10 - 4PM June 10 - 11th.. G L Airshow @ Airport June 17 - 18th.. Boat Races @ Browns Point June 25th.. Circus @ the closed A&P in WM July 8th.. 4th of July Fireworks on lake in the Village July 16th.. USCGA Boat Safety Inspection @ Sportsmans Marina/ 10 - 4PM August 13th.. USCGA Boating Course at G L Airport/ 9 - 5PM August 20th.. USCGA Boat Safety Inspection @ Sportsmans/ 10 - 4 PM October 14th.. ALF Street Festival in WM/ 10 -5PM

REMINDER: Next meeting is at the 1810 Macopin Road. West Milford, NJ 0749 May 24, 2017. Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 4/12 4 George Vurno 3/12 3 Dale VanNimwegen 3/12 4 Ed Krull 0/12 0 Clint Smith 4/12 3 Paul Sullivan 2/12 3 Bill Link 4/12 2 Eric Hastings 4/12 4 Floyd DeAngelo 3/12 2 Eric Pain 4/12 4 Michael Flaherty 4/12 4

March 29, 2017 Minutes

Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan. 1 Absent: Ed Kroll. Dale VanNimwegen Explained and circulated the Annual Report out for comments.
Advised the insurance is up for renewal in June. Paul suggested that the annual report is presented in front of each town, council, and trustee meeting.

George Vurno

Advised he spoke to Mayor Jesse Dwyer about getting the sediment drains get fixed because the steel structures have disintegrated. Advised he will distribute the email from HDR.

Eric Hastings

3 Lake Park Terr. – The docks and lift are falling apart. Eric advised he will help remove the debris, but is still waiting on the letter of request. Will look into a stump that has floated into Rocky point Cove and also Big Floating Island. Notified GWLC of a 30 inch drain under the road being fed into a 10 inch drain. Advised this will cause much damage to the road and the properties around it. He believes the DEC has been to the site and that the work has been stopped. Floyd DeAngelo Advised he put a call into the Chief of Staff regarding user fees and they couldn’t find the copy of the law, but has a copy of the assembly bill. Will go to town hall and follow up with the building inspector to see that the correct paperwork has been file for permits for persons building on the lake.

Michael Flaherty Advised there is a new fishing regulation guide book. GWLC can be found on page 23.

Paul Sullivan Letter was completed and sent to DeNova of Passaic County requesting 20K. Will attend freeholder meeting and gathering next month. Eric Pain Passing water flows. Advised the water watch out flow was much lower than what it should have been. There were no sure signs as to why. There was 1 million gallons of water flow instead of 3 million. DEP to provide funding for dam. Lake Management Plan: Eric compared GWL plan to Hopatcong plan and suggests we revamp the plan and bring it up to speed. Bill Link Advised he will remove as many stumps as he can on his own but would like to be compensated for the disposal cost. Clint Smith Would like NJGLC meetings be held in the GLC offices. Paul Zarrillo Received rental agreement and reviewed it with George. Both will sign lease agreement @ 1616 D Union Valley Road. Clint and I met with Assemblyman Eustace and discussed the water audit bill; to clean up the streams and rivers and Belcher Creek. oAdvised to contact the mosquito commission for available funds. Bid envelope opened from Silt Busters Dredging LLC., will be reviewed on 3/31/2017

Upcoming Event Dates: May 19th – 25th Hoboken Festival; June 17th & 18th Boat Races REMINDER: Next meeting is at the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY.

Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 3/12 3 George Vurno 2/12 2 Dale VanNimwegen 2/12 3 Ed Krull 0/12 0 Clint Smith 3/12 2 Paul Sullivan 2/12 2 Bill Link 3/12 2 Eric Hastings 3/12 3 Floyd DeAngelo 2/12 1 Eric Pain 3/12 3 Michael Flaherty 3/12 3

February 22, 2017 Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY February 22, 2017 Meeting

Open: Pledge of Allegiance Committee Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan. 2 Absent: Ed Kroll and George Vurno Guest Attendance: Jim Jones, Pat Sarnello, Nancy Sernotti, Allison Wagner, Barry Cheney. Dale VanNimwegen Advised that she reviewed the draft outline of the annual report and will circulate it out for comments. Also, will prepare a letter asking for funds. Paul stated he sent an e-mail to WM administrator asking for $10k during their budget review to go towards several projects needed to improve GL.

Eric Hastings

3 Lake Park Terr. – The docks and lift are falling apart. Eric advised he will help remove the debris. Paul advised he will contact parties to have them contact Eric for his help.
Advised that drawdown has been useful.
Suggests inserting a turbine to generate money for the commission. oDefine the responsibilities. oDefine the permit process. oEthics materials. Floyd DeAngelo West Point Colonel John Graham reported that the water by 17A day bridge has a high concentration of ammonia. Michael Flaherty DEC – Village never obtained permit for passive boat launch. Paul Sullivan Advised the Freeholders have 20k, and is ready to go in a few weeks. Eric Pain Drawdown recap: 10/11 9’5”, 1/1 5’4”, 4’11”; currently about 2’ to go. In accordance with the DEP, a follow-up report is required to describe the effects of the drawdown. As soon as vegetation appears, Eric will visit the sites and report on it. This report will also go to the DEC. Lake Management Plan: Eric compared GWL plan to Hopatcong plan and suggests we revamp the plan and bring it up to speed. oWill be meeting with the geological committee week of Feb. 27, 2017 Eric also wants to confirm minimal dam outflows, condition of the gate mechanism, effect on Invasive aquatic vegetation, language about dates and if we should include the condition of the dam. Bill Link Noticed ice is pushing around the stumps down by small craft. Clint Smith Will follow-up on dock specifications. Should be issued to guide building of docks. Would like NJGLC meetings be held in the GLC offices. Article in paper about WMDPW using brine on the roads to combat ice. Further study/research needs to be done before the commission sends a letter supporting the use of brine suggested by several commissioners. Paul Zarrillo Commission’s approval was granted to take additional drone pictures and videos of the south end of the Lake. Waiting on the vegetation at the location of the 2 arms and creek on the lake. Cost @ $500.00 4:00pm Stump Bidders Conference – only 1 participant. oEric P, Clint S, and Paul Z were in attendance. User Fees: Need to get definitive answer as to whether legislation is still in effect in NY – Floyd has conflicting answers.
oPaul, Mike and Clint are on the committee to investigate. Public Session Jim Jones ~ Upper Greenwood Lake Offered to help the GWL reduce stumps and remove floating issues. Built Barges to do own stump grinding/removal Purchased a 24’ pontoon boat, widened it and attached a knuckle boom and has a hydraulic wench. Takes 3 to operate boat and its local people whom operate it; not for hire. Stump budget of 20k. Also have a second barge that they have added to in order to accommodate their operation. Executive Session After conducting several interviews, the GWLC voted and approved Allison Wagner as the new secretary on February 22, 2017.

REMINDER NEXT MEETING IS IN WEST MILFORD ON 3/22 at Hillcrest School; 1810 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ 07480 Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 2/11 2 George Vurno 2/11 2 Dale VanNimwegen 2/11 2 Ed Krull 2/11 2 Clint Smith 2/11 2 Paul Sullivan 2/11 2 Bill Link 2/11 2 Eric Hastings 2/11 2 Floyd DeAngelo 2/11 0 Eric Pain 2/11 2 Michael Flaherty 2/11 2

November 2016 Minutes

11/16/16 Greenwood Lake Commission West Milford, NJ

The meeting started at 7pm. Paul Zarrillo read aloud the Open Public Meetings Law and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Paul Zarrillo opened the meeting and asked for approval of minutes and payment of bills. Other than standard utility and office rent payments, bills for the Greenwood Lake Commission include Scott Wood LLC for removal of floating islands, John Joseph for debris removal services, and B&B for dumping the materials.

Resolution: Approval of minutes from October 2016 and payment of bills up to November 16th. Motioned by: Paul Sullivan Seconded: Floyd DeAngelo Name Yes No Abstained Paul Zarrillo Co-Chair X
George Vurno Co-Chair X
Paul Sullivan X
Clint Smith X
Bill Link X
Dale VanNimwegen X
Ed Krull
Floyd DeAngelo X
Eric Hastings X

Commissioner Reports Recording starts with rusting brackets somewhere in the lake. Filters are ok - assume the convo is about the catch basins. Paul Zarrillo asked Floyd about the user fee laws. Floyd reported that he followed up with NY State and verified that the user fee law passed several years ago is still on the books. Eric Hastings - No Report Bill Link - Reported to the Commission what the current drawdown levels were, and passed around information found on the NJDEP website on water levels for Greenwood Lake. He also passed around drought zones for New Jersey. Paul Sullivan asked the NJDEP rep what the current reduction of water in the lake is, Josh reported that the lake has been reduced 4 feet and 8 inches. Paul Sullivan recommended based on his findings that the Commission vote to end the drawdown January 1st.
Resolution: To recommend to the NJDEP to reduce lake outflow to the minimum level on this date, November 16th 2016, and end the drawdown on January 1st, 2017. Motioned by: Paul Sullivan 2nd by: Eric Hastings Bill Link also wanted to report that the floating islands are up by Fox Island, and wanted to inform the contractor. Mike Flaherty did comment that the lake has not lowered since Nov 11th, and if we were to reduce the rate of flow the lake would start to rise. Paul Sullivan and Eric Hastings withdrew their motion based on the discussion. Paul Sullivan - Reported that he and Eric Hastings would go around the lake and collect sites that could be desilted. Dale VanNimwegen - Reported that the initial budget discussions have taken place, and that after meeting with the steering committee she feels confident that a budget will be ready to present to the Commission next meeting. George Vurno - George reported that he has a draft of a contract with him and motioned to have an executive session to discuss the terms. Floyd DeAngelo seconded. All were in favor. In consideration of the people's time, the Commission decided to wait until the end of the meeting to hold executive session. Paul Zarrillo - Reported that he attended the Highlands Coalition meeting and said they raised several concerns over the drought. He also reported that he emailed Kerry Pflugh of the NJDEP regarding the state of the drawdown and the conditions of the Ringwood State Dam. Paul reported that 19 truckloads of floating islands debris had been removed from the lake. Paul reported that he had been looking into drone companies to take aerial footage of the lake. Ballpark estimates range from $1500 to $2000. Paul recommended that we move forward to approving a contractor to take aerial drone footage of Greenwood Lake. Resolution: To pay a contractor up to $2000 for drone footage of Greenwood Lake relevant to possible water improvement projects and to mark dangerous obstructions.
Motioned by: Paul Sullivan 2nd: Eric Hastings All in favor. Paul reported the MSU will be ready soon with their water testing report Paul also reported that the next round of boating classes on Feb 26th, May 22nd, and August 13th. OLD BUSINESS Drawdown started Oct 11th, as of today the lake has been lowered 4 feet and 8 inches. Ringwood State Park staff will regularly monitor the lake conditions as the drawdown proceeds. Bill Link wanted to mention for the record that the drawdown could end as early as Jan 1st, 2017 so that people conducting work can be put on notice. Eric Hastings commented that the last time the Commission closed the book on user fees there was an agreement that if it were to be re-opened, it would be on the state level. Dale moved that the discussion be tabled. Bill Link seconded. Bill Link then motioned that the public session be opened. Paul Zarrillo seconded. Pubic session may be referred to by the recording - found below this document in a hyperlink. Time starts approx at 47 minutes. The GWLC moved to executive session. After returning, Dale moved the Commission approve the contract as annotated with the changes the Commission made during executive session. Paul Sullivan seconded. All in favor. Dale then motioned to close the meeting at 9:36pm. Paul Sullivan seconded. All in favor.

September 2016 Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission 9/28/2016 1810 Macopin Road, West Milford, NJ Meeting Start: 7:00pm Paul Zarrillo opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Zarrillo then read aloud the Open Public Meetings Act. Present: All Absent: None Lt. Kevin Hanrahan and John Cruzo: NJ State Police, Barry Cheney: Orange County Legislature, Terry Duffy: Passaic County Freeholder, Matthew Brett, Col. John Graham: West Point, John Buckheit: Village of Greenwood Lake Attorney, Steve Newhaus: Orange County, NY Executive.
Lt. Kevin Hanrahan and John Cruzo from the NJ State Police gave a presentation on the effect of the patrols. The representatives from the NJ State Police reported that they pulled over 138 vessels, but only gave warnings to boaters. The state police are expected to return next season with expanded patrols. COMMISIONER REPORTS Eric Hastings: No reports Eric Pain: Reported that the current lake is lower than average, which is due to the lack of rain. The drought warning that is currently in effect does not mean there is a drought, just that it is a possible occurrence.
Mike Flaherty: The NYDEC has only received a handful of application for dock and bulkhead maintenance, which is lower than average. The Village Attorney commented that historically the lion's share of permits are submitted in January. Floyd DeAngelo: Met with the Orange County Executive regarding the contract for funds that was rejected due to the language. The original contract was a reimbursement grant, but the funds were to be used for administrative expenses, such as office utilities, supplies, and various lake needs. Ed Krull: Village is developing a passive boat launch for non-motorized boats at the north end of the lake near the American Legion. The project has started and progress is being made. Bill Link: Reported that he and other marina owners are concerned of the effect of the current drought warning on the drawdown, despite the 6 week cushion, which allows the Commission to end the drawdown between Jan 1st and Feb 15th. Sullivan suggested that we wait until the public can voice their concerns before making a decision. Zarrillo reported that there are no plans from the NJDEP to cancel the drawdown. Clint: No report. Paul Sullivan: Attended yesterday's Freeholder meeting to update them on the projects and the drawdown. Sully requested assistance from the Freeholders if the drawdown takes place to de-silt the shore of the lake. The Freeholders are discussing the possibility and is waiting a status update on the drawdown. Sully also plans to discuss the possibility of an increased police presence next year with their help. Sully also complimented Zarrillo and his work, and reaffirmed his position that the Commissioners need to consider the amount of time they are able/willing to commit to the Greenwood Lake Commission, and he himself will resign if he believes he is not able to make that commitment. George Vurno: Reported why the contract from Orange County that was rejected. The original verbal agreement left us with the impression that the funds would not be granted on a reimbursement basis. The laws that govern the Commission restrict NJ funds from being spent in NY, and vice versa. Currently NJ has been paying the majority of basic bills and utilities. Paul Zarrillo: Reported that the NJDEP has awarded $84,350 to the Commission for stump reduction project. Zarrillo wished to thank Senator Pennachio and Kerry Pflugh from the NJDEP for their assistance in securing the funds. In order to accept them, the Commission needs to vote to accept. Zarrillo is concerned that if there was not a drawdown this year, then we would lose the funds. The current contract would only address the stumps and not the floating islands. Dale did mention that the contract had a provision to amend it if need be. Sullivan motioned to accept the funds, Dale seconded. All in favor except Mike Flaherty who abstained. Zarrillo continued his report. On Saturday Sept 24th, 30 students from MSU visited the lake to conduct water and sediment testing. Zarrillo thanked several volunteers present in the audience, and Elena Dystra from Greenwood Lake Marina, for lending the Commission 3 personal boats so the students could conduct the testing. Col. Graham from West Point participated in the outing, commented that the water testing can be applied to grant applications. Steve Newhaus entered the meeting at this point, and did not intend to interrupt but had the updated contract and check for $20,000. The Commission allowed Steve Newhouse to interrupt so the contract could be signed and notarized at the meeting. Zarrillo continued his report. He attended a North Jersey District Water Supply meeting earlier today to request compensation for the 3.3 million gallons of drinking water that is supplied daily from Greenwood Lake. He and many others believe that Township of West Milford, as well as the other municipalities surrounding the lake are unfairly burdened by the effects of the Highlands Act, and wish to receive compensation to mitigate the cost. The Chairman of the District Supply Board did mention that water purification efforts on the lake would save the processing plant money, and if that was accomplished there could be compensation to the Commission. Zarrillo reported on the reward for information on the hit and run accident this past Labor Day. The Greenwood Lake Commission worked to get reward money - not $22,000 as reported in the paper. It's between $6,000 and $11,000. Donors: Moosehead: $500 GWL Marina: $500 Emerald Point $500 Defeo's Marina: $500 Sportsmans Marina: $2500 Jersey PaddleBoard: $100 Bridget Vanderboss: $100 Awosting Association: $500 Andrew & Densie Baker: $100 Scott Burnam: $50 South Shore Marina: $500 Small Craft Marina: $5oo

Dale VanNimwegen gave the Treasurer's Report. Expenses - Normal operating expenses. Pizza for Sept 24th testing. Also reported that the Commission's Directors and Officers Insurance Policy would be due next month. Public Portion: The Commission opened the floor and allowed a discussion amongst the public, and had an extensive discussion regarding the drawdown. At 9:30 Ed Krull motioned to adjourn the meeting, Sully seconded Yes: Paul Sullivan, Clint Smith, Floyd DeAngelo, Ed Krull No: Paul Zarrillo, George Vurno, Dale VanNimwegen, Michael Flaherty, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link The public portion continued until 9:36. Motion to close public portion - Dale, seconded by Eric. All in favor. Close meeting at 9:37. Eric Hastings motioned, Dale seconded. All in favor except George Vurno who abstained. Below are links to important documents including: Submissions from the public, the Treasurer's report, and a news report. The next meeting of the GWLC will be October 26th, at the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake, located on 132 Windermere Ave. Website: GWLC.org Phone: 973-506-7800 Email: info@gwlc.org



August 2016 Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:02pm George Vurno read aloud the Open Public Meetings Law Roll Call Present: Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan, Clint Smith, George Vurno, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Dale VanNimwegen Absent: Ed Krull, Floyd DeAngelo Special Guests: Col. John Graham of West Point, John Buckeit - Village Attorney, Tony DeMarco - President of the GWL CoC, Paul Preusser - USDA, Jesse Dwyer - Mayor of the Village of GWL. Paul Preusser of the USDA gave a presentation on the recent geese survey, which totaled 230 geese on GWL. This is 4 times the amount that is considered acceptable. He presented options for control such as harassment and oiling the eggs. He is emailing a cost proposal for all suggested methods of control to review. Col. Graham of West Point began his presentation. The Colonel is conducting several micro studies for GWL, including water quality testing, road salt survey, soils and fertilizer, trout and other fish population surveys. Colonel Graham will continue testing and determining the big picture, and will continue working with the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY and the Greenwood Lake Commission. Approval of Minutes - Sully Motioned, Clint Seconded. Dale provided a copy of the Treasurer's Report, attached at the bottom of this document. GWL received $9812.80 from the Morahan Grant, but we did not close the account in an attempt to receive the full balance of the grant amount. Dale mentioned that the $10 monthly charge from 4Square seemed obsolete and recommended the Commission not pay for that service. Up to date, Commissioner Zarrillo has been paying that out of pocket. $25,500 Lakeland $17,000 Sterling Sully motioned to pay the Village $9810.12 from the Morahan Grant once a copy of the signed Memo of Memorialization was circulated, Dale seconded. CORRESPNDENCE Received a letter from Jesse Dwyer, Mayor of Greenwood Lake, requesting Senator Bonacic provide $10,000 of financial assistance to replace the filters in the catch basins. Funding has been denied according to the Mayor who is present, and has committed to taking the $10,000 the Commission is about to pay to the Village for these catch basins. We also received a letter and a passed resolution from West Milford calling for the State of New Jersey and Federal Government to provide funds for stump reduction and removal of floating islands on the lake. The Commission received a letter from Montclair University requesting 28 students come to the area to conduct water testing on Sept 24th of this year. The school has requested that we assist collecting boats for the volunteers so they can perform their tests. Commission received an email from the West Milford BA regarding State Farm Neighborhood Assistance Program, which is giving out grants in the amount of $25,000 for needed community development. The Commission will apply once the application process opens Sept. 1st. COMMISSIONER REPORTS ERIC PAIN: Downstream flow is being monitored at the dam. There is some confusion on the maximum amount of water that is allowed to be let through during the drawdown, and is asking the Commission's assistance in determining the appropriate amount. The USGS has stipulated that a flow of 1.61 may let out a different amount of water since its last evaluation, this would be due to the amount of water in the lake, and width of the lake. Eric Pain also asked for a letter from the GWLC requesting the drawdown, with copies of all letters from stakeholders supporting the action. ERIC HASTINGS: Has received complaints about several landscaping companies dumping trimmings from cutting lawns into storm drains, which is detrimental to their integrity. He believes that GWLC should request the Township of West Milford notifying them of the issue and requesting action to remedy it. Eric also reported that a volunteer is willing to address some of the floating islands in the lake, and while some are floating to the top he wished to get permission to cut loose some of the primary roots anchoring the floating islands so it may be removed. Sully motioned to Commission his services in exchange for covering the cost of the removal of the floating islands, and provide up to $1000 incidentals expenses - Vurno seconded - All in favor. PAUL ZARRILLO: 29 people attended the boat class July 31st, where the Commission netted $1125. The Boat Inspection at Sportsmans Marina in July had poor attendance, and recommended a different approach in advertising for the next year.
NJ State police will attend the next meeting in Sept, and report on their patrols over the summer. In June, Zarrillo and Sullivan, along with 4 volunteers removed water chestnuts from the north arm of the lake by hand. Wrote letters to Passaic County and Township of West Milford requesting funds for the stump reduction project, both requests have been denied. Letters to the NJDEP have gone over in great detail the danger these stumps and floating islands pose to boaters and swimmers. The Commission hopes the NJDEP will provide the funds in time for the drawdown. The Commission will have a booth at ALF, and with that there will be a $25 charge. Jersey Paddleboards out of Willow Point Marina are holding a paddleboard race on Sept 10th, which the Commission was invited to have a table promoting the Commission. Zarrillo, Smith, and Tyler Lees attended an environmental workshop on water monitoring. Zarrillo is requesting that the Commission purchase its own set of equipment to speed up the process of testing. Andy Abdul from the West Milford Environmental Commission advised the GWLC hold on the purchase until more results come in from the Townships tests. Eric Hastings asked if the tests that the Township are conducting can be used in feasibility studies or official reports. Andy Abdul said that the Township is not a certified laboratory, so results would not meet the standard environmental agencies use. BILL LINK: Is concerned about the warm weather and the result it will have on the floating islands. He will monitor the lake and asks the Commission to do the same. CLINT SMITH: Has been working with the intern, Tyler Lees, in collecting the contact information for businesses around the lake. PAUL SULLIVAN: Paul reported that he is concerned about the amount of work some Commissions are putting into the Commission, including himself. He is challenging himself to dedicate more time to the Commission, and wishes the rest of the Commission challenge themselves as well. January 1st, if Paul Sullivan does not feel he as met the standard he expects of himself and the Commission, then he will resign and hopes other Commissioners will do as well. GEROGE VURNO: Reported that he has the agreement from Orange County, and is disappointed with the language, which reads that they will reimburse us for expenses. The Commission was under the impression that the $20,000 would be provided with no preconditions. George Vurno is going to re-negotiate. MICHAEL FLAHERTY: Received 1st application under the blanket permit in the Village of Greenwood Lake for dock maintenance during the drawdown. Martin Brand was promoted, and Michael has become the sole representative for the NYDEC, Martin Brand's full time replacement or another alternate may be appointed. Michael also reported that the NYDEC website will soon have a list of recommended practices on their website, and will provide the list to the Commission. NEW BUSINESS: Drawdown: The GWLC needs to post signs informing residents and businesses of the upcoming drawdown. Dale volunteered to compile a list of locations, and Zarrillo and Hastings volunteered to post them. The Commission's goal is to have all signs posted by October 11th.
Zarrillo commented that a friend has volunteered to fly a drone over the lake and take pictures of the locations of the floating islands. Zarrillo suggested that the Commission pursue user fees again. No reliable sources of funding have been found, and he believes that it is the only way to acquire reliable funding. Eric Hastings commented that the last time this issue was raised, that if it ever arose again, we would start by involving the NJ and NY State AG office, because of the haphazard way the Commission handled it in the past. Dale suggested that the Commission involve other stakeholders and gather information before discussing further to avoid further confusion and contention. Paul, George, and Clint are to meet to review user fee status. Eric Hastings commented that Passaic County does not need a permit to dredge Belcher's Creek, and considering that condition it is in, wants to request assistance from the County to perform this dredging. Dale mentioned that she is aware of a group looking into purchasing the MUA around Belcher's Creek, and if it is for sale, then she recommends the Commission also look into having input into the process, to set forth requirements for the new owner's in terms of discharge into the creek, which has been a source of pollution in Greenwood Lake. PUBLIC PORTION Mayor Jesse Dwyer has a resource that may enable the Village of GWL to install sewer lines, which would be a cost savings and invited the GWLC to join in on that meeting Sept 1st in Albany. John Buckheit - Reported that a Village Commissioner was removing Water Chestnuts behind their house, and asked that he was provided info from the NJDEP and NYDEC for removing them by hand for local residents. Sullivan motion to close, Clint seconded. Close at 9:34.