Lake Clean Up donations

Every year the Greenwood Lake Commission works diligently to preserve the natural, economic and recreational resources of Greenwood Lake. This year we are focusing our spring efforts on raising funds to control the aquatic weed growth, waterfowl population and navigational hazards within the lake. The commission is inviting all boaters, residents and community members who utilize the lake to become involved with the commission’s lake preserving efforts by donating to help fund our core initiatives. By tackling these core issues, the commission will be able to preserve the safety, economic and recreational quality of the lake.


Aquatic Weed Control

Overgrowth of aquatic weeds can be detrimental to a lake for several reasons;
such as interfering with or prohibiting recreational activities. Interfering with a balanced fish population in the lake, creating quiet areas where mosquitos can breed and impede water flow. It is imperative that the aquatic weed growth in Greenwood Lake is managed every year so that the lake quality can be preserved and boating safety is maintained.


WaterFOwl Control

While many just think of geese and the like as nuisances, they actually can create an unhealthy environment when they make a lakefront their home. Not only do they feed on vibrant plant life around the lake, but they also leave behind their excrements that are full of bacteria that affects the water quality of the lake, potentially sending the bacteria levels within the lake to unhealthy levels. Each year, the commission works to reduce the amount of waterfowl that make
Greenwood Lake their home.


Navigational Hazards

Removing floating stumps fields is one way the commission works to insure that Greenwood Lake is safely passable by all watercraft. Also, by clearing areas of the lake, such as Belcher’s Creek, by removing weeds, sediment, and debris is another way the commission will improve water quality throughout the lake.