Sept 24th Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission 9.24.2014 132 Windermere Ave Greenwood Lake, NY 10925 - Minutes -

Salute to the American Flag

George Vurno led the Salute to the Flag.

Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm. Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan, Clint Smith, Eric Hastings, George Vurno, Floyd De Angelo, and Daniel Bello were present. Bill Olsen and Ed Krull were absent.

Guests of note that attended this meeting included Lou Signorino, West Milford Councilman, Jesse Dwyer Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake, and Barry Cheney, Legislator from Orange County.


Eric Hastings delivered the treasurers report. The total sum of funds in the Commission's bank accounts totals approximately 17,000 dollars in the New Jersey bank and 15,000 in the New York bank. The $15,000 however is earmarked for reports and projects. An accountant is being hired to go back and manage the financial records from the Commission.

Paul Zarrillo reported on the dispute between the landlord of the office located on Greenwood Turnpike over payment for the repairs to a water heater which was damaged as a result of freezing pipes. The Commission contends that the heater did not work prior to the damage and feels that the landlord is responsible for the cost of the repairs. The Commission is continuing to work with the landlord to resolve the matter.

Paul Zarrillo also reported on his concern over the repeal of the West Milford Septic Pump Out Ordinance mandating that residents and businesses empty and inspect there system every three years. Mayor Dwyer of Greenwood Lake was in attendance and commented that in the Village of Greenwood Lake there are districts near water sources where a similar ordinance is enforced. Lou Signorino commented that legal counsel from West Milford advised that creating districtd would be prohibited, but will check again to verify. Eric Hastings also shared his concerns over the TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) of phosphorus, which he says the lake exceeds but no recent report can verify the exact amount.

Paul Zarrillo reported on the meeting between the Commission and Senator Pennachio. The Commission asked about receiving permanent funding from the State, which is not possible at this time according to the Senator. Senator Pennachio advised the Commission to explore the possibility of a foundation similar to the Lake Hopatcong Foundation.

Paul Zarrillo reported that the Commission is waiting for a report from HydroQual for hydro raking. A representative from HydroQual also plans on presenting a report on the dredging in the north arms on Oct 29th.

Paul Zarrillo stated that the zoning commission has not been notifying the commission about new homes being built in the area, also the OEM and DEP neglected to invite us to a conference of lakes in West Milford promoting dam safety, which was an oversight.

Paul Zarrillo announced that he found a vendo which can make 100 business cards and 500 stationary letter heads for $7 and $150 respectivly.

Clint Smith reported on the transfer of ownership of the weed harvesters to the Township of West Milford. Original bills of sale could not be located, however Lou Signorino, councilman from West Milford who was in attendance reported that the town is not concerned and would be able to give the machines new serial numbers. A final letter will be sent to the Township of West Milford to complete the transfer.

Daniel Bello has been selected by the NJDEP to replace Kerry Pflugh on the Commission but requires a finalization letter before he can become a voting member. The Commission asked Daniel to follow up with the NJDEP about the possibility of weekend police patrols and the removal of several floating islands. Daniel Bello stated that if we could confirm that the floating islands originated from the NJ side of the lake, then the DEP would have jurisdiction to assist.

Public Input

Mayor Jesse Dwyer of The Village of Greenwood Lake was in attendance and complimented the work the Commission has done efforts to control the weeds through herbicides, commenting that long time residents and tourists of the lake have noticed a vast imporvment as well. Paul Zarrillo asked for the Mayor to send a letter to the Commission reiterating his comments at the meeting. Goerge Vurno also thanked the mayor for his cooperation and help. The Mayor also asked about the process of being compensated for the hydro raking done in the NY side of the lake. The Commission stated that the Village would be reimbursed $124,000 by monies the Commission has that is being help in Albany from a previous grant.

The meetings in the next two months fall on or near major holidays so as per the advise of the public the November meeting will be held on Tuesday November 25th and the December meeting will be cancelled due to its typical low turnout.

Floyd DeAngelo made a motion to close the meeting, Eric Hastings seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:59 pm. Our next meeting will be October 22nd at 7pm, in the Township of West Milford. If you needed to contact us you may do so you by visiting our website, emailing us at, or calling our office at 973-506-7800.