November Meeting Minutes 2014

Greenwood Lake Commission 11.25.2014 35 Chestnut Ave Village of Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

Salute to the American Flag

Paul Zarrillo led the Salute to the Flag.

Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 7:08pm. Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan, Clint Smith, Eric Hastings, Floyd DeAngelo, and Bill Olsen were present. George Vurno and Ed Krull, were absent. Dan Bello attended as a representative for the NJDEP.

Paul Sullivan made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting, Bill Olsen seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

This meeting opened with a brief video of a successful removal of a floating island and several stumps that took place on Greenwood lake, which was followed by a detailed presentation of a study in the north arms on the aquatic plant species within the lake. The presentation was conducted by Chris Doyle who represents Allied Biological, and was funded by the Greenwood Lake Commission, Prism, and the Village of Greenwood Lake. There were 28 species of aquatic weeds found in the west and east arms of the lake; a detailed report can be found on our website at


Eric Hastings opened with the Treasurer's report. There has been concern over a change in protocol for the Morohan Grant, which expires Dec. 31st of this year. Eric Hastings was happy to report that the necessary paperwork for the Commission had been filed, and all outstanding invoices for the project in the NY side of the lake had been sent to Albany. Copies of the invoices were also sent to Mayor Dwyer of the Village of Greenwood Lake. Eric Hastings commented that the stone wall near the mouth of Belcher's Creek collects sediment and prevents it from entering the lake, and he wanted to ensure the wall would remain in the creek amidst any future maintenance. Eric Hastings also reported that the Commission's Directors and Officers insurance had expired from a previous insurance company, but York-Jersey Underwriters of West Milford is currently covering the Commission.

Clint Smith reported that the dumping of materials from stores in the area is still an open issue. There has been a number of wood pallets, shopping carts, and barrels which have been removed and continue to be found. Clint Smith plans on reaching out to the nearby stores to find a solution.

Paul Sullivan reported that he is continuing to work on obtaining grants for the Commission, and continues to work with Freeholder Terry Duffy of Passaic County and Ed Farmer on this matter. He also plans on asking Passaic County for funds to continue to pay for administrative costs and for future herbicide programs on Greenwood Lake. Paul Sullivan also suggested the Commission's New York representatives ask Orange County for additional funds, but believes that they would be less likely to assist due to a budget deficit. Eric Hastings commented that Orange County and the states of New York and New Jersey have not been as helpful in funding the Commission as Passaic County A representative from the Village of Greenwood Lake reported that Mayor Jesse Dwyer plans on fitting herbicide treatments into the annual town budget.

Paul Zarrillo reported that he met with Councilwoman Vivienne Erk of West Milford. The Councilwoman plans on presenting a resolution supporting funding for the Commission. Paul Zarrillo also reported that after various correspondence, the town no longer plans on removing the ordinance requiring residents and businesses to regularly check and maintain septic systems; but the Commission still has concerns over enforcement and follow up procedures of the ordinance. Paul Zarrillo gave the West Milford Administrator's Office the contacts to Jefferson Township and The Village of Greenwood Lake for assistance regarding the procedures for enforcing the ordinance. Paul Zarrillo reported that the DMV requested the Commission acquire a Corp Code for the purpose of finalizing the transfer of the weed harvesters to the Township of West Milford. Paul Zarrillo also reported to the Commission that he attended a Highlands Council Conference and made the request for a town hall meeting in West Milford. The Highlands Council suggested the request go through the West Milford Town Council.

Floyd DeAngelo reported that he plans on meeting New York elected officials, along with George Vurno and Barry Cheney who is a Legislator for Orange County, NY about securing grants for the Commission, and also to follow up with the need for a DEC representative about the Commission.

Bill Olsen was following up with Paul Zarrillo on the status of continuing the 501c3 from the old Watershed Management District. Paul Zarrillo contacted Legal Zoom and the IRS to confirm that the Watershed Management District is still registered as a 501c3.

The Commission has decided to continue to meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month, alternating each meeting between the Town Hall in West Milford and the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake. The months on November and December the Commission plans on meeting the 3rd Wednesday in order to avoid conflicts with the holidays. Notices are being sent to each Township as well as the local newspapers.

During the holidays the Commission will review the founding legislation, by-laws, and procedures and create committees within the Commission, which will be given specific tasks to handle. An in depth discussion is planned for the first meeting in 2015.

Public Input

Dan Bello of the DEP expressed the conerns of his superiors over the lack of compliance on part of the DEC for not appointing a voting member to the Commission, as per the founding legislation. Dan Bello also indicated that he has yet to be formally appointed by the DEP as a voting member.

Several attendants in the crowd commented that there is a possibility of a casino opening in the area of Greenwood Lake, and encourages the Commission to be in contact with the casino regarding plans they have for usage of Greenwood Lake, and any potential funding they could afford the Commission.

Paul Sullivan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Bill Olsen seconded. The meeting adjourned at 9:38pm. Our next meeting will be January 28th at 7pm, in West Milford Town Hall, located at 1480 Union Valley Road. The December meeting for the Commission was canceled due to conflicts with the holidays. If you needed to contact us you may do so you by visiting our website, emailing us at, or calling our office at 973-506-7800.