August 2015 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission 8/28/2015 132 Windermere Ave. Village of Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

Salute to the American Flag

Paul Zarrillo led the Salute to the Flag.


The meeting was called to order at 7:10pm. Paul Zarrillo read aloud the Open Pubic Meetings Law and noted that we were in compliance, then asked for roll call. Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan, Dale VanNimwegen, Clint Smith, Floyd DeAngelo, Dan Bello, Michael Flaghery, Bill Link, and Ed Krull were present. George Vurno and Eric Hastings were absent.

Special Guests included Mayor Jesse Dwyer of the village of Greenwood Lake, and Keith Garley the Village Judge for the Village of Greenwood Lake.

Treasurer’s Report

Dale VanNimwegen presented the Treasurer’s Report to the Commission. The report that Dale presented, as she commented was a better format than originally presented to the Commission, because it allowed readers to better differentiate between New Jersey and New York accounts. Dale also reported that the report did not reflect the monies received from the August Boat Licensing Course. Dale reported that we had $15,654 in the NJ Lakeland Bank Account and $3,084 in the NY Sterling Bank Account. The Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake, Jesse Dwyer made a public comment during the report, he was concerned that the report showed, $127,000 was given back to the Village, and was wondering where the remainder was.  Paul Zarrillo commented that the Commission consisted solely of volunteers, however he did not feel that certain members were pulling their weight. Paul Zarrillo as well as the Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake did note that they were impressed with the information Dale VanNimwegen was able to gather and present. Dale also presented that she was able to uncover $13,811 of sub-contractor work which was conducted during the time of the Morohan Grant, and while further investigation was needed felt that this would satisfy the requirements of the grant. This would allow the Greenwood Lake Commission to repay the Village. After much discussion it was determined that the Finance Committee should meet with the Mayor Jesse Dwyer and the Village Judge Keith Garley regarding the remaining balance.

Move the minutes – 2 corrections – Floyd attended and Keith helped pull weeds. Dale motioned and Clint seconded. Minutes passed.

Commissioner Reports

Dan Bello opened with his report. Dan commented that Eric Pain from the Ringwood State Park should be contacted regarding the special meeting concerning the drawdown, seeing that he has authority over the raising and lowering of the damn. Dan also asked Paul Zarrillo if he had received the contact information he had sent for Americorps, which Paul did receive. Dan also reported that he was still working on creating an informational packet of recommended dock regulations and practices for Greenwood Lake; as well as helpful links on the DEP webpage, that would be informative to Greenwood Lake and its residents.

Michael Flagherty of the NYDEC also reported that he gathered the number of houses on the NY side which acquired permits to do work on their docks and to dredge outside their home. The number of houses totaled 83. Progress still needs to be made to make a blanket permit easier to acquire for the NJ side.

Floyd DeAngelo reported that he was delayed in speaking with representatives from Orange County regarding funding for the Greenwood Lake Commission, but was still pursuing this avenue along with George Vurno.

Bill Link reported that he followed up with the possible donation of a boat from Skip’s Dock and Marina. There was a dispute between the owners of the boat and whether they wanted to donate it or not. The topic of the cost of the boat came up, and the Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake offered to maintain the boat, and would allow the Commission to use it when necessary. Clint Smith commented that Upper Greenwood Lake has boats equipped with hardware that allows them to pull logs and stumps out of the lake and asked if it would be possible for the Commission to do the same, it was decided that although unlikely we would look into it.

Bill also reported on his effort to poll the local marina oweners regarding the drawdown. Dale commented that using a free automated service such as survey monkey would ease the process, Bill is looking into that avenue. Ed Krull asked the Commission if anyone knew why the dam was raised so late last year. Dale commented that raising the water level to quickly would destroy the docks on the lake. It was suggested that Eric Pain from the Ringwood State Park, the person who holds the authority to raise or lower the dam, be invited to the next meeting for comment. Paul Zarrillo reported that he was able to contact the representatives from Montclair and Drew University. The representative from Montclair had drafted a proposal for the type of work that needed to be done. Zarrillo was surprised, as he was told that the work would come at little or no cost for the Commission. The proposal from Montclair had a fee totaling $124,000. Zarrillo and the Commission agreed that further discussion is needed to either reduce the price, or have Montclair assist us in acquiring a grant to fund the project. A representative from Drew Univeristy in scheduled to meet with the Commission this Friday to determine the feasibility of the dock study they wish to conduct. Mayor Jesse Dwyer asked if the report could reflect the breakdown of docks and size by municipality. 

Dale VanNimwegen then reported to the Commission that there was no new information on the 501c3 but it was confirmed that so long as Dale did not sit on the board of officers on the 501c3 then there wouldn't be a conflict with her remaining on the Greenwood Lake Commission.

New Business

Clint Smith noted that the Council for the Township of West Milford's next public meeting at this point is Sept 2nd and believed the mandatory septic pumpout ordinance was on the agenda, Andy Abdul was asked what the progress was, but Andy was not involved in that discussion and was unable to shed light.

The Village of Greenwood Lake had completed reviewing the MUA regarding the transfer of ownership of the weed harvester and the Mayor Jesse Dwyer had the document, which Paul Zarrillo signed at the meeting.

Paul Zarrillo reported that the boat license course was attended by 10 people, and the Commission was able to profit by $350 after paying the Coast Guard for attending the class and for supplying lunch to the participants. Zarrillo also wanted to again thank Tim Wagner,manager of the airport, where he allowed the class to be hosted free of charge. Zarrillo said that after two successful classes he anticipated becoming a regular event and believes we can continue to host them free of charge at the airport. The Commission has scheduled a calss in February and May of 2016.