October 2015 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission 10/28/2015 132 Windermere Ave. Village of Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

Salute to the American Flag

George Vurno led the Salute to the Flag.


The meeting was called to order at 6:33pm. George Vurno read aloud the Open Pubic Meetings Law and noted that we were in compliance, Paul Zarrillo also commented that the Drawdown notice was sent to WM77 TV and WGHT-1500, and all papers. George Vurno then asked for roll call. Paul Zarrillo, Geroge Vurno, Paul Sullivan, Clint Smith, Eric Hastings, Floyd DeAngelo, Dan Bello, Martin Brand, Bill Link were present. Ed Krull and Dale VanNimwegen were absent.

Special Guests Village of Greenwood Lake Attorney John Buckhight Mayor Jesse Dwyer, Village of Greenwood Lake

Treasurer's Report

Dale VanNimwegen was unable to attend the meeting, but informed the Commission that we had $450 in bills. $50 of which went to staffer at the Autumn Lights Festival and the remainder went to standard utilities and to our Director's and Officer's Insurance.

The Commission moved on to the minutes from the previous meeting, since several members had personal and family emergencies not all Commissioners had an opportunity to read them. Eric Hastings made a motion to table the approval of minutes for the next meeting, Paul Zarrillo seconded.

Commissioner Reports

Martin Brand reported that he was almost finished completing a list of links for the GWLC website which contained useful information and guidelines from the NYDEC regarding recommended practices for use and maintenance of docks and fertilizer.

Eric Hastings reported to the Commission that he was following up with the bills needed to attain the remainder of the Morohan Grant. Eric had sent a letter to the Village of Greenwood Lake regarding this subject. The Village Attorney John Buckhight was asked if he had received and approved of the letter sent to the Commission and read aloud his reply email, stating that the letter sent from the Commission to the Village was worded more as a promise than a contract. The Commission has suffered several burst pipes that caused flooding and has lost a significant amount of records, some of which are relevant invoices for the Morohan Grant, this contract would allow the Commission to satisfy the needs of the Morohan Grant without the records which were destroyed. John Buckhight specifically wanted the "loss of records to be memorialized."

Paul Sullivan gave his report to the Commission. Sullivan stated that he had been communicating with Passaic County in order to receive more funds for the Commission.

Paul Zarrillo gave his report to the Commission. Zarrillo announced that the GWLC became members of the NJ Highlands Coalition. The Highlands Coalition is helping the Greenwood Lake Commission to review our specific ordinances and see how they can assist. Eric Hastings commented that the Highlands Coalition recently called for a consolidation of aquifers and a grant to create a safe zone for most of the east coast, and used this example to demonstrate the influence the Highlands Coalition has with the State. Zarrillo relayed that the Highlands Coalition wants a voice at the table to inform them if issues such as septic ordinance's and water pollution.

Paul Zarrillo also reported that our booth at the Autumn Lights Festival was well received, and many people asked about the herbicides. The Commission made $126 at the booth selling T-shirts and Sweatshirts made by the Commission.

Zarrillo did a press release regarding work from Montclair State University, and reported that they are in the midst of evaluating the results from the first test. Zarrillo would like to invite them to discuss at our December meeting. He also reported that Drew is beginning its study of the number of houses, docks, and dock size on Greenwood Lake and would be finished in November. Zarrillo also asked of MSU would be interested if they want to take soil samples from West Milford Lake, currently representatives from MSU wish to proceed but has an issue with timing.

Zarrillo also reported that the Emergency Management office in West Milford had another meeting, which the GWLC was not invited to despite several requests. Zarrillo then asked if there was a fire boat for the lake. Steve DeFeo, former Commissioner and owner of DeFeo's marina informed us that yes there is a boat, but it is currently in need of repair.

Zarrillo also reported that he went by West Milford Lake and took photos for the group, he was informed that a well was built into the lake bottom. Zarrillo asked if it was possible to get bulldozers to remove 3-4 feet of soot and if building a pipe into the Ringwood State Park dam to feed water was possible. Zarrillo was following up with the NJDEP for approval.

Zarrillo also reported that he got an email asking about lease for our office located at 2019F Greenwood Lake Tpke in Hewitt; our response was that we never saw a copy. Upon receiving the email with the lease, Zarrillo presented some issues to the Commission with the lease but could not comment on public record being that we are still negotiating the contract.

Zarrillo also reported that he is meeting with Lake Hoptatcong about 501c3 Nov 9th

Paul Zarrillo also received an anonymous letter regarding illegal digging near his house. Zarrillo and Clint Smith investigated and neither found evidence of this digging.

George Vurno gave his report the the Commission. Vurno reported that he had been under the weather and has not been able to assist the last few weeks, but wanted to thank all who reached out and gave their best wishes. George also reported the he and Floyd DeAngelo and Steve DeFeo have been communicating with Orange County to receive funds for the Commission.

Public Input

Mayor Jesse Dwyer of the Village of Greenwood Lake indicated that he would find the number of permits issued to residents during 2011-2012 drawdown during the last meeting, 50 permits were awarded to local homeowners in the Village. The total worth of improvements from local residents alone amounted to $165,700.

Paul Zarrillo made a motion to close the meeting, Second George. Close at 7:32.

Public Drawdown Hearing

The Commission began the public hearing on the Drawdown at 7:34. Zarrillo announced the procedure for speaking and commented on the original intent of water management plan.

Ethan Forchete – Lived on the water since 2009. 100 feet of waterfront and concrete bulkheads. Bulkheads needed substantial repair and is in favor of the drawdown as the cost of the repair was 10,000 dollars and without the drawdown would have lost property value - Yes

Dennis Mullner – In need of bulkhead, his area has a problem with ice and repairs can only be done with the drawdown and believes it affects weed growth. - Yes

Brain Jamaine – In favor, maintenance of dock is a primary reason for his opinion, but weeds are a nuisance. - Yes

Elli Capony – In favor of drawdown. - Yes

Ray Buckhite – In favor. After each one there is an improvement in lake water quality and weed. - Yes

Lorraine Garno – Warwick – Born and raised. In favor. Beneficial for weed control and water quality. - Yes Rosaane Gamain – in favor. Weeds, beautification, dock. - Yes

Dan Sullivan, owner of Small Craft Marina– not in favor unless for a specific purpose like dredge or stump reduction. Ways to repair bulkheads even without drawdown - No

Nancy Gensen, owner of South Shore Marina – gave a letter to the commission to read into the minutes. Also added that NJ end gets short end of the stick because of permit process, beleives it should mirror NY. - No (Commissioner Dan Bello commented that it might be possible to get bulk permit such as NY has, but he needs to be taken to Trenton.)

Jesse Dwyer, Mayor of the Village of Greenwood Lake – hitting pros and cons – He is in favor. Measurement of success – 165,000 spent in local economy and improved the lake. - Yes

Steve DeFeo. owner of DeFeo's Marina- grant money for stump reduction 100,000 removed over 2000 stumps during previous drawdown. In favor, he also asked 12 customers. 11 want it, 1 does not. - Yes

Bill Link, owner of Mooshead Marina – Can be advantageous, but concerned and thinks that not a necessity for repairs. Lots of risk. - No

John Buckhight, Village of Greenwood Lake Attorney– not all work can be done on bulkheads without drawdown. - Yes

Of all the attnedees 10 were in favor of the drawdown and 3 were against. Motion to close public portion at 8:33pm– George Vurno motioned, Floyd DeAngelo seconded.