August 2016 Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:02pm George Vurno read aloud the Open Public Meetings Law Roll Call Present: Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan, Clint Smith, George Vurno, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Dale VanNimwegen Absent: Ed Krull, Floyd DeAngelo Special Guests: Col. John Graham of West Point, John Buckeit - Village Attorney, Tony DeMarco - President of the GWL CoC, Paul Preusser - USDA, Jesse Dwyer - Mayor of the Village of GWL. Paul Preusser of the USDA gave a presentation on the recent geese survey, which totaled 230 geese on GWL. This is 4 times the amount that is considered acceptable. He presented options for control such as harassment and oiling the eggs. He is emailing a cost proposal for all suggested methods of control to review. Col. Graham of West Point began his presentation. The Colonel is conducting several micro studies for GWL, including water quality testing, road salt survey, soils and fertilizer, trout and other fish population surveys. Colonel Graham will continue testing and determining the big picture, and will continue working with the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY and the Greenwood Lake Commission. Approval of Minutes - Sully Motioned, Clint Seconded. Dale provided a copy of the Treasurer's Report, attached at the bottom of this document. GWL received $9812.80 from the Morahan Grant, but we did not close the account in an attempt to receive the full balance of the grant amount. Dale mentioned that the $10 monthly charge from 4Square seemed obsolete and recommended the Commission not pay for that service. Up to date, Commissioner Zarrillo has been paying that out of pocket. $25,500 Lakeland $17,000 Sterling Sully motioned to pay the Village $9810.12 from the Morahan Grant once a copy of the signed Memo of Memorialization was circulated, Dale seconded. CORRESPNDENCE Received a letter from Jesse Dwyer, Mayor of Greenwood Lake, requesting Senator Bonacic provide $10,000 of financial assistance to replace the filters in the catch basins. Funding has been denied according to the Mayor who is present, and has committed to taking the $10,000 the Commission is about to pay to the Village for these catch basins. We also received a letter and a passed resolution from West Milford calling for the State of New Jersey and Federal Government to provide funds for stump reduction and removal of floating islands on the lake. The Commission received a letter from Montclair University requesting 28 students come to the area to conduct water testing on Sept 24th of this year. The school has requested that we assist collecting boats for the volunteers so they can perform their tests. Commission received an email from the West Milford BA regarding State Farm Neighborhood Assistance Program, which is giving out grants in the amount of $25,000 for needed community development. The Commission will apply once the application process opens Sept. 1st. COMMISSIONER REPORTS ERIC PAIN: Downstream flow is being monitored at the dam. There is some confusion on the maximum amount of water that is allowed to be let through during the drawdown, and is asking the Commission's assistance in determining the appropriate amount. The USGS has stipulated that a flow of 1.61 may let out a different amount of water since its last evaluation, this would be due to the amount of water in the lake, and width of the lake. Eric Pain also asked for a letter from the GWLC requesting the drawdown, with copies of all letters from stakeholders supporting the action. ERIC HASTINGS: Has received complaints about several landscaping companies dumping trimmings from cutting lawns into storm drains, which is detrimental to their integrity. He believes that GWLC should request the Township of West Milford notifying them of the issue and requesting action to remedy it. Eric also reported that a volunteer is willing to address some of the floating islands in the lake, and while some are floating to the top he wished to get permission to cut loose some of the primary roots anchoring the floating islands so it may be removed. Sully motioned to Commission his services in exchange for covering the cost of the removal of the floating islands, and provide up to $1000 incidentals expenses - Vurno seconded - All in favor. PAUL ZARRILLO: 29 people attended the boat class July 31st, where the Commission netted $1125. The Boat Inspection at Sportsmans Marina in July had poor attendance, and recommended a different approach in advertising for the next year.
NJ State police will attend the next meeting in Sept, and report on their patrols over the summer. In June, Zarrillo and Sullivan, along with 4 volunteers removed water chestnuts from the north arm of the lake by hand. Wrote letters to Passaic County and Township of West Milford requesting funds for the stump reduction project, both requests have been denied. Letters to the NJDEP have gone over in great detail the danger these stumps and floating islands pose to boaters and swimmers. The Commission hopes the NJDEP will provide the funds in time for the drawdown. The Commission will have a booth at ALF, and with that there will be a $25 charge. Jersey Paddleboards out of Willow Point Marina are holding a paddleboard race on Sept 10th, which the Commission was invited to have a table promoting the Commission. Zarrillo, Smith, and Tyler Lees attended an environmental workshop on water monitoring. Zarrillo is requesting that the Commission purchase its own set of equipment to speed up the process of testing. Andy Abdul from the West Milford Environmental Commission advised the GWLC hold on the purchase until more results come in from the Townships tests. Eric Hastings asked if the tests that the Township are conducting can be used in feasibility studies or official reports. Andy Abdul said that the Township is not a certified laboratory, so results would not meet the standard environmental agencies use. BILL LINK: Is concerned about the warm weather and the result it will have on the floating islands. He will monitor the lake and asks the Commission to do the same. CLINT SMITH: Has been working with the intern, Tyler Lees, in collecting the contact information for businesses around the lake. PAUL SULLIVAN: Paul reported that he is concerned about the amount of work some Commissions are putting into the Commission, including himself. He is challenging himself to dedicate more time to the Commission, and wishes the rest of the Commission challenge themselves as well. January 1st, if Paul Sullivan does not feel he as met the standard he expects of himself and the Commission, then he will resign and hopes other Commissioners will do as well. GEROGE VURNO: Reported that he has the agreement from Orange County, and is disappointed with the language, which reads that they will reimburse us for expenses. The Commission was under the impression that the $20,000 would be provided with no preconditions. George Vurno is going to re-negotiate. MICHAEL FLAHERTY: Received 1st application under the blanket permit in the Village of Greenwood Lake for dock maintenance during the drawdown. Martin Brand was promoted, and Michael has become the sole representative for the NYDEC, Martin Brand's full time replacement or another alternate may be appointed. Michael also reported that the NYDEC website will soon have a list of recommended practices on their website, and will provide the list to the Commission. NEW BUSINESS: Drawdown: The GWLC needs to post signs informing residents and businesses of the upcoming drawdown. Dale volunteered to compile a list of locations, and Zarrillo and Hastings volunteered to post them. The Commission's goal is to have all signs posted by October 11th.
Zarrillo commented that a friend has volunteered to fly a drone over the lake and take pictures of the locations of the floating islands. Zarrillo suggested that the Commission pursue user fees again. No reliable sources of funding have been found, and he believes that it is the only way to acquire reliable funding. Eric Hastings commented that the last time this issue was raised, that if it ever arose again, we would start by involving the NJ and NY State AG office, because of the haphazard way the Commission handled it in the past. Dale suggested that the Commission involve other stakeholders and gather information before discussing further to avoid further confusion and contention. Paul, George, and Clint are to meet to review user fee status. Eric Hastings commented that Passaic County does not need a permit to dredge Belcher's Creek, and considering that condition it is in, wants to request assistance from the County to perform this dredging. Dale mentioned that she is aware of a group looking into purchasing the MUA around Belcher's Creek, and if it is for sale, then she recommends the Commission also look into having input into the process, to set forth requirements for the new owner's in terms of discharge into the creek, which has been a source of pollution in Greenwood Lake. PUBLIC PORTION Mayor Jesse Dwyer has a resource that may enable the Village of GWL to install sewer lines, which would be a cost savings and invited the GWLC to join in on that meeting Sept 1st in Albany. John Buckheit - Reported that a Village Commissioner was removing Water Chestnuts behind their house, and asked that he was provided info from the NJDEP and NYDEC for removing them by hand for local residents. Sullivan motion to close, Clint seconded. Close at 9:34.