May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Salute to the American Flag

Paul Zarrillo led the Salute to the Flag.

Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 7:04pm.
Present: Paul Zarrillo, Clint Smith, Paul Sullivan, Goerge Vurno, Floyd DeAngelo, Michael Flaherty, Bill Link, Eric Hastings
Absent: Dale VanNimwegen, Dan Bello, Ed Krull

Acknowledgment of Guests

Lisa Jordan from Drew University and Tony Trimarco from the Village of Greenwood Lake Chamber of Commerce.
Treasurer Report
Presentation by Drew University
See Map 1.
Commissioner Reports
Michael Flaherty:
• Reported that links about the drawdown are up in the NYDEC website.
• Asked if the Commission was still interested in participating for Invasive Species Awareness Week. Zarrillo confirmed that the Commission is looking for volunteers to pull weeds.
Floyd DeAngelo
• Reported that he is working with officials from Orange County regarding the $20,000. Officials say they will hold to their commitment, but since it wasn't in the budget it will take some more time.
Bill Link
• Reported that the State Police have rented a slip and believes they plan on patrolling the lake on weekends sometime after Memorial Day. Zarrillo said he had more information on that matter and will cover it in his report.

Paul Zarrillo
• Zarrillo reported that with the help of Freeholder Terry Duffy, Passaic County, and Senator Pennachio the State Police are moving forward to patrol the lake. Two officials from the State Police wish to meet and take a tour of the lake and discuss our needs.
• Also reported that the Commission has received a call of a student at Stockton University studying environmental science, and is interested in interning with our office. The Commission decided to reach out with the intention of bringing him on board. The internship will be unpaid, but is willing to compensate him the standard amount for travel, which is .55 cents per mile.
• Reported that he has run into more roadblocks acquiring funding to solve navigational and safety issues around the lake caused by stumps and floating islands.
• Reported that our belief that the Commission could apply to Passaic County Open Space Trust Fund was wrong, and we cannot get funding from Open Space.
• Had additional conversations with West Milford Township about the blanket permit, they declined but suggested we organize the homeowners to hire the same engineer to streamline the process and reduce costs.
• Reported that our boat licensing class was very successful, we had 30 people attend and the Commission made a profit of $1175.
• Reported that the Coast Guard Auxiliary will be conducting a boat safety inspection June 12th outside Sportsmans Marina from 10am-4pm.
The winner of RFP 16-03 is Downes Tree Service at $84,350. Zarrillo reminded everyone that this project cannot go forward without funding. The floating islands project was removed from the bid process to be reviewed for additional solutions.
Resolution: Approval of Minutes for April 2016

Motioned by: Paul Sullivan
Seconded: George Vurno
Name Yes (9) No (0) Abstained (0)
Paul Zarrillo Co-Chair X
George Vurno Co-Chair X
Paul Sullivan X
Clint Smith X
Bill Link X
Dale VanNimwegen
Ed Krull
Floyd DeAngelo X
Eric Hastings X
DEP (Dan Bello)
DEC (Mike Flaherty X

Paul Sullivan motioned to close the meeting at 8:34pm, George Vurno seconded. All were in favor. Our next meeting will be 7pm June 22nd at the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake, located on 132 Windermere Avenue.