April 2016 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission
132 WindermereAve
Village of Greenwood Lake, NY 10925

Salute to the American Flag

George Vurno led the Salute to the Flag.

Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm. George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan, Ed Krull, Eric Hastings, Floyd DeAngelo, Dan Bello, Martin Brand, Bill Link, and Dale VanNimwegen were present. Clint Smith was absent.

Acknowledgment of Guests

Mayor Jesse Dwyer of Greenwood Lake, NY was present, along with Andy Abdul from the West Milford Environmental Commission.

Approval of Minutes & Payment of Bills
Resolution: Approval of Minutes for March 2016

Motioned by: Paul Sullivan
Seconded: Eric Hastings
Name Yes (9) No (0) Abstained (0)
Paul Zarrillo Co-Chair X
George Vurno Co-Chair X
Paul Sullivan X
Clint Smith
Bill Link X
Dale VanNimwegen X
Ed Krull X
Floyd DeAngelo X
Eric Hastings X
DEP (Dan Bello) X
DEC (Mike Flagerthy) X

Treasurer's Report
Dale VanNimwegen gave the Treasurer's report. She mentioned that roughly $150 of legal ad bills still had to be paid. We have XXXXXXX in bank accounts (need to find her t report).
Morohan Grant - Dale reported on the invoices she submitted around the time of the last meeting of the GWLC. Of the $28,000+ (exact number in recording) only $9,812.86 was approved under the grant. She is requesting that a copy of all previous invoices that we submitted be handed to us in order to see what other work the GWLC needs to report. Dale is also pursuing any old files of the previous chair Ella Fillapone.
Commissioner Reports
Floyd DeAngelo - Reported that he was following up with the funding from Orange County and the funding from Warwick, NY.
Ed Krull - Reported that he met with Brian Drum at the NYDEC regarding saltation around GWL. Krull is hoping to get the state involved in the effort to reduce erosion and saltation around GWL. This erosion is believed to be from the horse trails around the lake.
Michael Flagerthy - Reported that he and Martin Brand, his alternate discussed the erosion, and will assist if they can. Flagerthy also reported that the NYDEC has information available on their website about the general permit people can obtain during the drawdown.
Dale VanNimwegen - Reported that she was making the informational brochures and types of communication regarding the drawdown, and was working with Dan Bello to develop messaging.
Dan Bello - Reported that he got the approval letters from the NJDEP and will submit them to the necessary department. He also met with West Milford about the blanket permit, but decided to let Paul Zarrillo report on that subject.
Paul Zarrillo - Reported that the meeting with West Milford did not go well, and does not believe they will cover the cost of the general permit. Dan added that he will ask the NJDEP to cover the cost.
Also reported that he received several complaints about a leaking septic tank from a local restaurant on the lake, but could not verify the veracity of those claims. Mayor Dwyer chimed in and said that he was aware of the issue and the business in question passed the dye test for leaking septic system.
He also received complaints about an empty lot on East Shore Drive regarding drilling and construction on the site. West Milford responded and reported that there was disturbed ground. At this point the GWLC does not have jurisdiction and passed it to the appropriate hands,
Zarrillo also reported that he chatted with a Lieutenant from the State Police who wants to patrol GWL on the weekends. The Lieutenant said he needed help to acquire funding to patrol the lake, and the GWL is following up with the state to procure the funding.
Zarrillo also reported that he met with Kathleen Caren from the Open Space Advisory Committee about applying for open space funds, and is looking to apply for this year.
Zarrillo also reported that the filters in the catch basins are full and need to be replaced. A retrofitted filter costs around $235 per cartridge. Zarrillo is following up on a quote for replacing them all. Mayor Jesse Dwyer also offered to have his DPW install them if it would save the Commission tax payer dollars.
Zarrillo also reported that he contacted the USDA about geese control on GWL. The cost varied depending on the season they arrived on scene, and was following up on a quote to have a geese removal team conduct work early in the season to save money.
Zarrillo also reported that he found a professional versed in Robert's Rules of Order and how to run more effective meetings. It was discussed at the last meeting, and the Commission felt it a worthwhile venture, considering the Commission is made of volunteers with no prior experience in parliamentary procedure.
Eric Hastings - Reported that he was aware of an area in the South Arm regarding sediment, and asked Dan Bello if he needed a permit to remove sediment by hand. Dan said that so long as the activity was not regulated he did not need a permit, but recommended he follow up with what is and is not regulated.
The GWLC received 3 responses to its RFP regarding stump reduction and floating island removal on GWL during the drawdown. Boulder Hill Tree & Excavating responded and gave a bid of $90,500, Downes Tree Service gave a bid of $84,350 for the project, and Environmental Renewal received the info too late and wrote to explain that they would not submit a bid in time. The Commission still had follow up questions for the two companies which would be clarified at their scheduled meeting on May 2nd at the Greenwood Lake Commission Office located at 2019F Greenwood Lake Turnpike, Hewitt, NJ.
Mayor Jesse Dwyer of the Village of Greenwood Lake stated that he submitted applications for herbicides.
Andy Abdul of the West Milford Environmental Commission reported that on the upcoming Saturday at 10am he was conducting his first test of the new water testing equipment and wanted to invite the Commission to participate.
Dale VanNimwegen made a motion to close, Floyd DeAngelo seconded, all were in favor. The meeting closed at 9:02PM