August 23, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY August 23, 2017 Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale Van Nimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Michael Flaherty, Paul Sullivan, Bill Link, George Vurno, Eric Pain. 1 Absent: Ed Krull. Guest: Mark Johnson, Barry Cheney, Jesse Dwyer, Treasury Report: • Normal expenses, nothing out of the ordinary. • D&O insurance renewal due in October/November timeframe. • IRS C3 needs to be reinstated; Dale working with IRS to resolve issue regarding a 2007 filing that they have no record of having been done. Confident it will be resolved either by producing documents from 2007 or by refiling for status. Commissioners' reports: George Vurno • No report. Eric Hastings • No report. Floyd DeAngelo • Saw Mr. Newhouse at the picnic o Still need NY State online form to exempt Commission from needing NY workers compensation. Michael Flaherty/Cathy Ahlers/Kelly Tuturo • Three different areas of DEC will be more helpful for all. • All different boating regulations need to be finalized. Paul Sullivan • No report. Eric Pain • Level is 9 feet 10 inches, 4 million gallons a day.
• Requirements to the DEC for the fresh water wetlands, letter was sent out to Dan Whitehead. (John Petronella) Took same information, photos, etc.; drawdown didn’t negatively impact the water and vegetation. • Water level management plan, still waiting on the geo science and water monitoring. • Passaic county herbicides, review normally takes 30 days o Saw spraying in one location and then weed whacking in another, both Passaic county operations. Reached out to road supervisor for some insight, waiting on response. Bill Link • No report. Clint Smith • Put together a list of all property owners on Belchers creek for further use. • Advised the town owns about 1/3 of the property. Dale Van Nimwegen • DEC letter requesting the extension of the Monaghan Grant contract was approved by Commissioners;  Background of what additional work needs to be done to further maintain and improve the lake, include stump reduction, floating debris/silt removal and storm drain repair/replacement.  Request extension through June 2018 for the spending of the remaining $18,349.21 of contract funds. • Reason for delay in request for extension tied to Commission time for prioritization of final Contract lake improvement efforts. • Request by Barry Cheney: Please advise messers Senator Bonacic and Assemblyman Brabenec of extension request. • Motion granted to approve the letter and send it out. • Floyd signed letter to immediate conveyance to the DEC. Paul Zarrillo • Thank you to Sportsman’s Marina for all their support for hosting 3 boat safety inspections and stump reduction project. A Thank you to neighbors John Joseph and Dan Mason, for marking debris field and Dan Sullivan of Small Craft Marina and West Milford for helping with large stump field remedy. • Ed Kroll went to the 17A bridge and got more water samples and brought to Montclair State, report back today shows no issue. There’s no explanation as to why the E.coli count was so high. • Plan on coming back September 30, 2017 with 25 students. Need extra help with navigation of the boats. • Chasing News was here to video the stump project and sent out a lot of pictures of the project. The video can be seen on YouTube. • Deputy commissioner David Glass of the NJ DEP came up and was very impressed. Was given a complete tour of the lake. • Boat course $2,400.00 Check to coast guard $1,083. Pizza $165.00 • Water coming out of a pipe by Rock port, filled water bottle, but collection needs to be in sterile bottle. o Clint advised its coming from French drains on their property. o Board of health may do testing on it. Correspondence Old Business • Steering committee to meet 9/12/2017 at 10am • No other feedback from other committee’s • Geese control, waiting to hear back from USDA • Eric Hastings to follow up with HDR. GWLC needs in writing that we no longer owe them monies. • Village Annual report, advised Mayor Dwyer, meeting has been rescheduled. • Herbicides fundraiser discussed. New Business • Exposed Cables around Fox island/Storm island/Chapel island. Send letter to Rockland Electric Company; with tracking and return receipt request, DEP, DEC, and Townships. Upcoming Event Dates:
• Autumn light festival, October 14, 2017, need some help with the booth. Public Input: • Barry Cheney gave thanks for coming to the legislature meeting and giving an update on what is going on with the lake. • Nancy DeAngelo, has anyone sent a letter to the Rockland electric, suggested return receipt request. REMINDER: Next meeting is at the West Milford Library @ 1470 Union Valley Road @ 7:00pm Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 8/8 8 George Vurno 6/8 5 Dale VanNimwegen 7/8 8 Ed Krull 1/8 0 Clint Smith 8/8 6 Paul Sullivan 4/8 5 Bill Link 6/8 4 Eric Hastings 8/8 6 Floyd DeAngelo 7/8 6 Eric Pain 6/8 6 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 7/8 4