July 26, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission West Milford Monthly Meeting July 26, 2017 Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Cathy Ahlers, Kelly Turturro, Paul Sullivan, Bill Link, George Vurno 1 Absent: Ed Krull, Eric Pain. Guest: Montclair State University: Gave presentation on The Water and Sediment Monitoring of Greenwood Lake. Their study was conducted in the Fall of 2016, which can be found on the website. Treasury Report: • Normal expenses, nothing out of the ordinary. • No monies from the town of Warwick as of yet. • 20K from Orange County still not received. • Advised we have workers comp., we do not have disability. • Rent is pre-paid until September. • D&O insurance renewal due in October • Revisited the budget, made minor changes in reflection of what we are paying, will e-mail it out to everyone. o Just under 27k in Lakeland Account and just under 21K in Sterling Account Commissioners' reports: George Vurno • Advised will be stepping down as the Co-Chair of New York and has nominated Floyd DeAngelo as the New York Chair. Eric Hastings • Spoke to Loraine Scanel from HDR 3 times and she is looking for proof of payment from the invoices that have been paid to them and of the agreement. Dale advised that she has sent that to him via email. • Advised went up Belchers Creek to cut tree and could not find it. Floyd DeAngelo • Looked at Lake Shore Road, shared picture of a pile of weeds in the cove. Paul to bring the pictures to the WMDPW. • Will follow up on the Orange County money. • Presented the annual report at Warwick town hall and County and it was very well received. • Need to set up meeting for the Village, will speak to Mayor Jesse Dwyer Michael Flaherty/Cathy Ahlers/Kelly Tuturo • No report. Paul Sullivan • Advised commissioners to present annual report to freeholders will be towards the end of September. Eric Pain • No report. Bill Link • No report. Clint Smith • No report. Dale VanNimwegen • DEC letter requesting the extension will be sent via email to the commissioners. • IRS meting set up in two weeks to follow up on how we should be filing. Paul Zarrillo • Chief Mike Blondin will give presentation on the fire-boat that is available on Greenwood lake in September. • Wrote a letter to the NJ State police about their patrol, requesting different and more hours of patrol; and an update on the boating accident. Senator Pennacchio was CC'd on the letter. • Drone: July 8th videoed the East Arm and Belchers creek, now showing much more weed growth. • Contact aides to navigation group, part on the DEP, requesting more buoys to be put out and replaced. • Sent Mayor Dwyer the estimate to control the geese population. Waiting to hear back from him. • Spoke to April NJ USDA, she advised to go through New York because it will be cheaper. Advised that less travel for them, to contact Ken. 15-20K to do entire lake. They come early spring and again in July. • Reviewing contract for Silt Busters and then sending new copy to Mark. • Suez water company made an offer to buy the MUA for 12.5 million dollars, maybe we can put pressure on them to help with lake; ie: dredging. Correspondence • Letter from West Milford trying to get the county to stop using the pesticide Ranger Pro Herbicide.
o Cathy advised that the DEP in NJ should be handling this. • E-mail from Mayor Dwyer advising to contact the Village Police to meet with the NJSP regarding patrolling later hours. o Floyd advised he will call the chief of police on this matter. • Contacted the West Milford Health Department about Storm Island and Mason hotel septic, advised there a no issues. New Business • New Jersey aquatic plant study needs to be done. • Belchers creek needs to be looked at a lot closer and taken care of. • Swim platforms need to be addressed. Upcoming Event Dates:
• Boat safety inspection • Boat license course REMINDER: Next meeting is at the Senior Center in Greenwood Village @ 132 Windermere Ave @ 7:00pm Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 7/7 7 George Vurno 5/7 5 Dale VanNimwegen 6/7 7 Ed Krull 1/7 0 Clint Smith 7/7 5 Paul Sullivan 4/7 5 Bill Link 5/7 4 Eric Hastings 7/7 6 Floyd DeAngelo 6/7 5 Eric Pain 5/7 5 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 6/7 4