June 28, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY June 28, 2017 Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Cathy Ahlers, Ed Kroll, Paul Sullivan, Bill Link. 1 Absent: George Vurno Guest: Mayor Jesse Dwyer, Attorney for GWL Village; John Buckheit, Jonathan Brett; GWL Townhomes, Karen Albert; resident, Lou Signorino; councilman TREASURY REPORT: • Mid year report on Financial. NJ commission, close to same as last year on revenue and expenses. 20K from OC didn’t come into account until the later part of the year. • Payment was made to the The technology insurance company for our workers compensation insurance, still needs to be filed when the audit is complete within the next 30 days. • IRS called back last week, we have yet to connect. Will report on next meeting. Whats being investigated is not owing taxes but rather registering certain fillings on our commission status. • D&O insurance due in September time frame. • No monies from the town of Warwick as of yet. • 20K due to come in soon from Orange County. • Received from the US department of commerce, a census on registered businesses. They sample the level of capital expenditures. Survey has been filed and copies can be made if you would like one. o 27.5k in Lakeland Account and 21K in Sterling Account


George Vurno

• No Report

Eric Hastings

• Fielded several phone calls about the dumping in UGWL from the bridge widening project On Warwick turnpike, UGWL drains into the Hudson and GWL. Trying to get NY involved, emailed all commissioners, showed pictures of the sludge that is being dumped at a house in Upper Greenwood Lake. Well over the 55 yard limit. Made calls to DEP and DEC and Senator Pennacchio. • Can smell the contaminant in it. Hazardous materials. No slit fence, no retaining wall. • Johnathan Brett, tremendous resource for access into the area via the condos. Floyd DeAngelo • July 20th, town board meeting, can present annual report at 6/6:30pm. George, Eric and Dale will be there to present at Warwick town hall. • County: Barry Cheney is going to get the date of the Committee meeting so the annual report can be presented by George, Dale, and Floyd. (instead of presenting to whole legislature)

Michael Flaherty/Cathy Alhers • No report. Paul Sullivan • Working on a date for the annual report to be presented to the Freeholders. Eric Pain • The lake is at 9’ 11.8” and the outflow is 4.3 million gallons a day. Water is still flowing over the top at a good rate. Advised will watch closely so that the minimum is not exceeded. • Closing the dam when water is coming over the top has come up as question. Cannot because of stranding downstream life. • Division of land use is involved in the bridge matter in UGWL. Bill Link • Thinking about the accident fund; feels it didn’t have the effect of bringing forward people. Commissioners advise the monies are good for 3 years and that the police advised it is still under investigation. Clint Smith  Gathered the information on the property owners of Belchers creek.  Would like to contact some of the owners to see if they will help remove some of the debris on their property along with 2 large trees that are in that location as well.

Dale VanNimwegen

 Letter drafted to Karen Dauphinais and will be sent to the rest of the commissioners.  Raising monies from private sources: going to pursue names to see if they will be a part of the foundation, using the contact list to potentially raise money from the general population.  Will make corrections to the annual report, and then make new ones for the meetings.

Paul Zarrillo • Advised of new location for West Milford meetings • Airshow - Tyler was there to help as well, not the best response maybe due to location of booth. • Boat races were a low turnout, bad weather • MSU will give their report next month at the meeting. • Neighbor, Mike will give presentation on the fire-boat that is available on Greenwood lake. • Spoke at the council about the boat safety inspection, boat license course and the annual report. • Stump project: need to find rooms to house Silt busters for their time here. • Drone: July 8th to video the East Arm and Belchers creek • Water chestnuts need to go on calendar to make sure they are taken care of next year. • Donation tab on website. Maybe add a paypal link. • Reviewing contract for Silt Busters and then sending new copy to Mark. Public Input Mayor Jesse Dwyer: • North Arm ~ aquathol k went into the waters today. Can any Harvesting can be done? • Grant through Senator Bonacic offices: $50-100,000. for machinery. • Next year we will apply further with the herbicides, aquathol k kills lily pads.
• Wants to borrow or buy a weed harvester that’s good. No more hand me downs. • North arm, boat launch soft opening July 8th, ribbon cutting in September/October. • Roof top boat launch, kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, etc,. no motors. Passive vessels only. • Will suggest a sign to be placed to Wash your vessel before it is put into the water. List of Rules. • Suggest intern Tyler spearheads a campaign on the Goose problem by notifying and educating the public about different options of “Culling the geese”. • Paul will e-mail the report of the geese population to Jesse

Jonathan Brett:
• Lake resident for 25 years. Belchers creek, on the board for the Townhouses.
• Docks will not be able to be used soon because the water drops to low and also due to the weeds.

Upcoming Event Dates:
REMINDER: Next meeting is at the West Milford Library @ 1470 Union Valley Road. West Milford, NJ 07480 Room 4. Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 6/6 6 George Vurno 4/6 3 Dale VanNimwegen 5/6 6 Ed Krull 1/6 0 Clint Smith 6/6 5 Paul Sullivan 3/6 4 Bill Link 4/6 3 Eric Hastings 6/6 5 Floyd DeAngelo 5/6 4 Eric Pain 5/6 5 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 5/6 4