May 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission 1810 Macopin Road West Milford, NJ 0749 May 24, 2017 Meeting Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo, Cathy Ahlers, Willie Zarrillo. 1 Absent: Ed Kroll, Bill Link, Paul Sullivan commissioners reports: Dale VanNimwegen Treasury Report: Year to date; through today, there’s a slight difference between the two banks, the $20 difference is the charge of $5 a month for Bank fees from Sterling Bank (NY bank account) that Lake land Bank does not. Newspaper fees, $100/125.00 has to be paid, associated with the public notices. Not included in the accounting but listed is @ $20.00 for copies The $60.00 taken out of account has since been placed back. Accident on bank side. $20K deposited from Passic County is in the Lake land Bank. $1582.xx has been deposited from the Boat Safety Course from May 21, 2017 class. @ $50,000 in bank accounts for GWLC. Called the IRS to find out why GWLC had never filed for an exempt organization form and why we never had to file one. It’s an unfolding matter. It’s not paying taxes; its about filing to maintain exempt status as an organization. Spoke to people who said that we are quasi government agency and not subject to these filings, however there have been changes and will follow-up to see if we have to file or not. If there are penalties that need to be paid, we will plead stupidity and hopefully get them evaded. Sent email to Bill Olsen, the GWL watershed management district to see if we can name parties to the organization to help launch the crowd funding. Advised would like to raise funds via private donations. Crowd funding via email address: oKick starter - creative projects, oGofundme - short term fund raising. oIndiegogo - campaigns for navigational safety Monaghan Grant - Dale spoke to Karen Dauphinais about the possibility of getting an extension out to June 2018 for the remaining 18k. In order to get the extension, Karen is requesting a list of activities/projects that the monies will be used for. Mike will find out about the stump removal/reduction for the NY Side. Concerns for the fisheries and weeds. Thinks if there is a real need because of public safety, they may consider it. George will e-mail Dale his 1st and 2nd choices of projects to be completed with the Monaghan grant.

George Vurno

No Report

Eric Hastings

Has not be able to get to the HDR files, but will and would like to recommend that the GWLC does not move forward with anything until he does. Floyd DeAngelo Commissioners Report: Advised he spoke to Barry Cheney about appearing before the orange county legislature, he suggests its better to talk to committee instead of whole legislator. Suggested a 10 minute presentation before the whole group. Town Board ~ can arrange a presentation as a workshop or a public session. GWLC would like to do a 10-15 minute presentation prior to their meeting. June 21st is a scheduled meeting for the west Milford monthly meeting Advised he spoke to the Mayor Jesse Dwyer regarding user fees. Jesse advised he wants to know exactly what the user fees would be used for and would like it in writing. Paul advised the User Fee Committee will put the list together for him.

Michael Flaherty Introduced Cathy Ahlers, and advised will split the responsibility for GWLC. Kathy’s job very regulatory in nature and falls in the environmental quality section of the department. Advised of Kelly Tutoro will also share the responsibility of the GWLC. Has been talking to NJ DEP and managing the fisheries on the lake.
NJ does all the stocking for GWL Electro-fishing - Did the East Shore of NY last night and will do the West Shore next. There was an infection of large mouth bass virus that impacted the bass population years ago, and the preliminary results seem to indicate that the s like population has not grown back to the levels that existed prior to the disease outbreak. The walleye population seems to be doing very well. Paul Sullivan No report Eric Pain The lake is at 10’ 2” and the outflow is 27 million gallons a day. Water is still flowing over the top at a good rate. Advised will watch closely so that the minimum is not exceeded. Advised by the NJ Fish and Wildlife that the federal clean water act protects the pre-existing classifications of the stream. You can not downgrade a stream, but only upgrade it. Waiting for GEO water and science to get back to him on some questions. Plan to propose the 2 foot water drawdown in the Lake Management Plan. Advised intern took on a different job and will not be available to work with GWLC Bill Link No report. Clint Smith No report

Paul Zarrillo Received the contract for the $20k from Orange County; NY is asking for NY state workers compensation and NY State disability certificate of insurance. Concerned we can not meet the requirements Letter came from the executive assistant to the commission of public works of orange county and advised to contact the attorney general office. Letter from broker stating that we have coverage in NJ And that it would cover someone in NY and just forward. Contract has been signed and notarized in case we are to move forward with it. Boat Class had a record of 44 attendees. $178/pizza, $1540/USCGA, $1580/GWLC Contacted the DPW about a big oak tree new Wallish Property and top of a tree near Greenbrook Estates. Suggested paying Tyler Lee or a small business person to volunteer his time at some of the up coming events. oClint suggested to contact the Elks to help do the cleanup on their own property. Looking for individuals to do small maintenance work with their boats Stump Reduction Project oTalked to local restaurants on the lake to host a fundraiser. oLocal foundation agreed to be a part of a fundraiser to be a part of the gaming permit, raffles, etc. George said he would look into the gaming laws. Looked into Lakeland Bank accounts that have monies in there for the reward of the boat accident; the bank advised that there is a 3 year limit for no action, however, will send a reminder letter at 2 years. Just have to make small deposit to keep it active and open. Checked with the DEP and Michael was going to check with the DEC to see that its ok to do a fundraiser for the herbicides. Would have to go out for Bids. GWL Village does it themselves. Silt Busters Dredging LLC., - Would like to have them start the 1st week of August. Annual Report presentation meeting to be set up by Flyod for the County, WM, and Warwick Ed Kroll to set up date for GWL Village for the GWLC to present the Annual Report Paul will send an email to the steering committee to put a date on the calendar for the meeting. Drawdown signs - Just a few left to bring down; otherwise project is done. Workshop/Picnic to discuss broader issues towards the end of the summer. Public Input Steve Bryan - South Shores Marina Suggested a funding source of the running of the GWL Triathlon. Roughly 200 participants and registration fee was $165.00 Need to hire a timing company Need volunteers to help in certain areas Advised there is a pending application for the redevelopment of the Mason’s mountainside motel and there has been a USE variance granted as of last night, but it still needs sight plans and health department approval. Concerns with the septic and the health hazards to the lake. Advised the septic is old and hasn’t been used in 10+ years. T1 permit allows 3375 gallons discharge per day. The T1 permit stays with the property. Eric Pain to help follow-up for the septic issue. Above 1000 gallons per day, permits go to the State. Was advised that the permit was renewed in 2013, will expire in 2018. Petition is being submitted to the town. Has an affidavit from someone who worked on the septic in the 70’s that says when he investigated the septic, there was no water/leakage that was making it to the seepage pits.

Upcoming Event Dates:
REMINDER: Next meeting is at the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY. Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 5/12 5 George Vurno 4/12 3 Dale VanNimwegen 4/12 5 Ed Krull 0/12 0 Clint Smith 5/12 4 Paul Sullivan 2/12 3 Bill Link 3/12 2 Eric Hastings 5/12 4 Floyd DeAngelo 4/12 3 Eric Pain 4/12 4 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 4/12 4