April 26, 2017 Meeting

Greenwood Lake Commission Village of Greenwood Lake, NY April 26, 2017 Meeting Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo. Absent: Ed Kroll, Paul Sullivan Dale VanNimwegen Explained and circulated the Annual Report out for comments. Made 2 copies for each commissioners to distribute. Advised will send hard copy of annual report to select individuals on the e-mail distribution list. Waiting to set up meeting dates for the annual report to be presented in front of each town, council, and trustee meeting. Advised will post treasury report in town hall. Updated all on treasury reports as well as expenses paid. Will look into the bank account for reward on boating accident. Waiting to receive invoices from Town of Warwick, Village of Greenwood lake, Orange County. Would like to hold $15K in reserve.

George Vurno

Advised he spoke to Mayor Jesse Dwyer about getting the sediment drains fixed because the steel structures have disintegrated. He will work with Jesse and the town to get a report written to rectify the situation of a lot of sediment in the lake.

Eric Hastings

Will put time into finding monies for HDR. They (HDR) were adamant about not giving the final presentation at the lions club until they were fully paid. And they were fully paid, we just have to prove it. Before he jumps into all the records that we (GWLC) have, he did find an old file Put the commission on quick books after Ellen passed, (a period of only 2 or 3 commissioners) Found that old file. He would hate to go in and rummage through all the stuff….. and will spend some time. There were some earlier payments that are probably not on there, that I haven’t gone through yet with a fine tooth comb Verify that they are not from NJ side. HDR reports are sitting with DEP and DEC; we must find grant money to move forward.

Floyd DeAngelo Advised he spoke to Karl and advised the user fee expired. To reopen user fee, a letter from the town of Warwick, GWL, and WM need to be sent asking for it. Then the request will be forwarded to the state and other organizations. Confirmed with the building inspector that the correct paperwork has been file for permits for persons building on the lake.

Michael Flaherty Advised the current regional director Kelly Tuturno will be replacing Martin. Advised will do a coordinated survey of the fisheries. Will put an electric charge in the water right around the boat to stun, catch, survey, and then return to the water. The survey will take measurements and scale samples. Will send some off to the Lamar Penn. Laboratory for testing. Eric Pain Water level is at 10’3”. Out flow is 62 cubic feet per second = 40 million gallons per day. Lake Management Plan: Still working on specs. Working with the division of water supply and Geo science in getting the technical aspects of the Lake Hopatcong plan ironed out to fit into the GWL plan. Believes the downstream water flow is low; Not enough to sustain the trout maintenance. Clint Smith Learned from Houstious, don’t use the word dreading, or DE-silting because we are not taking away from the bottom. Floating stumps. Not floating islands. Thinks it wouldn’t hurt if we were involved in the American water works Would like to see if we can advance the ball of selling of water. Paul Zarrillo Bill and I met with the NJ State Police who is in charge of the GWL patrol and the investigation of the boating incident from last year. We’ve asked The NJ State police to patrol later at night and to try to decrease the speeding at night. Provided NJSP a list of activities that are going on in and around the lake. Gave Clint a draft of doc specs from GWLC 2004. Contacted Dr Fred from Trenton about the grants, and he is checking with the DEP for possible grants coming up. Silt Busters made a visit on 4/28 to survey the lake and get a better understanding of what is needed for the job. Request from TV Station to do coverage on the Stump reduction project. Huge floating stump at 35 Park Lake Terr. Stump has been pulled closer to shore and tied off. Advised Montclair State University is finishing up their report and will make a presentation at the GWLC meeting soon. Upcoming Event Dates: May 19 - 25th.. Hoboken Film Festival in the Village May 21.. USCGA Boating Course at G L Airport/ 9 - 5 PM June 4th.. USCGA Boat Safety Inspection @ Sportsmans Marina/ 10 - 4PM June 10 - 11th.. G L Airshow @ Airport June 17 - 18th.. Boat Races @ Browns Point June 25th.. Circus @ the closed A&P in WM July 8th.. 4th of July Fireworks on lake in the Village July 16th.. USCGA Boat Safety Inspection @ Sportsmans Marina/ 10 - 4PM August 13th.. USCGA Boating Course at G L Airport/ 9 - 5PM August 20th.. USCGA Boat Safety Inspection @ Sportsmans/ 10 - 4 PM October 14th.. ALF Street Festival in WM/ 10 -5PM

REMINDER: Next meeting is at the 1810 Macopin Road. West Milford, NJ 0749 May 24, 2017. Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 4/12 4 George Vurno 3/12 3 Dale VanNimwegen 3/12 4 Ed Krull 0/12 0 Clint Smith 4/12 3 Paul Sullivan 2/12 3 Bill Link 4/12 2 Eric Hastings 4/12 4 Floyd DeAngelo 3/12 2 Eric Pain 4/12 4 Michael Flaherty 4/12 4