March 29, 2017 Minutes

Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Pain, Eric Hastings, Bill Link, Michael Flaherty, Clint Smith, Dale VanNimwegen, George Vurno, Paul Zarrillo, Paul Sullivan. 1 Absent: Ed Kroll. Dale VanNimwegen Explained and circulated the Annual Report out for comments.
Advised the insurance is up for renewal in June. Paul suggested that the annual report is presented in front of each town, council, and trustee meeting.

George Vurno

Advised he spoke to Mayor Jesse Dwyer about getting the sediment drains get fixed because the steel structures have disintegrated. Advised he will distribute the email from HDR.

Eric Hastings

3 Lake Park Terr. – The docks and lift are falling apart. Eric advised he will help remove the debris, but is still waiting on the letter of request. Will look into a stump that has floated into Rocky point Cove and also Big Floating Island. Notified GWLC of a 30 inch drain under the road being fed into a 10 inch drain. Advised this will cause much damage to the road and the properties around it. He believes the DEC has been to the site and that the work has been stopped. Floyd DeAngelo Advised he put a call into the Chief of Staff regarding user fees and they couldn’t find the copy of the law, but has a copy of the assembly bill. Will go to town hall and follow up with the building inspector to see that the correct paperwork has been file for permits for persons building on the lake.

Michael Flaherty Advised there is a new fishing regulation guide book. GWLC can be found on page 23.

Paul Sullivan Letter was completed and sent to DeNova of Passaic County requesting 20K. Will attend freeholder meeting and gathering next month. Eric Pain Passing water flows. Advised the water watch out flow was much lower than what it should have been. There were no sure signs as to why. There was 1 million gallons of water flow instead of 3 million. DEP to provide funding for dam. Lake Management Plan: Eric compared GWL plan to Hopatcong plan and suggests we revamp the plan and bring it up to speed. Bill Link Advised he will remove as many stumps as he can on his own but would like to be compensated for the disposal cost. Clint Smith Would like NJGLC meetings be held in the GLC offices. Paul Zarrillo Received rental agreement and reviewed it with George. Both will sign lease agreement @ 1616 D Union Valley Road. Clint and I met with Assemblyman Eustace and discussed the water audit bill; to clean up the streams and rivers and Belcher Creek. oAdvised to contact the mosquito commission for available funds. Bid envelope opened from Silt Busters Dredging LLC., will be reviewed on 3/31/2017

Upcoming Event Dates: May 19th – 25th Hoboken Festival; June 17th & 18th Boat Races REMINDER: Next meeting is at the Senior Center in the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY.

Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 3/12 3 George Vurno 2/12 2 Dale VanNimwegen 2/12 3 Ed Krull 0/12 0 Clint Smith 3/12 2 Paul Sullivan 2/12 2 Bill Link 3/12 2 Eric Hastings 3/12 3 Floyd DeAngelo 2/12 1 Eric Pain 3/12 3 Michael Flaherty 3/12 3