October 27, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Greenwood Lake Commission West Milford Library, West Milford, NJ. September 27, 2017 Open: Pledge of Allegiance Commissioners Attendance: Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale Van Nimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Michael Flaherty, Paul Sullivan, Bill Link, George Vurno, Eric Pain. 1 Absent: Ed Krull. Guest: Keith Weber, Deputy Chief Greenwood Fire Company III, Wife Lieutenant Kat Weber. Lourice Rivera; Warwick Dispatch. Treasury Report: • Paid @ $230 in optimum • D&O insurance renewal due in November @ $1020.xx. • Application has been submitted in full with all of the signatures for the workers compensation filings. • Made change to new location and all its paperwork. • Sitting without the $20K deposit from Orange County. Didn’t get the deposit until late in the year last year. • Have set up the signature for Floyd as the NY Co-Chair for the Sterling Bank Account. o Have to do it for Lakeland; they are requesting in writing and a Motion to approve Floyd retro actively to July 2017 meeting. Commission approved motion.  Second Motion to Authorize Floyd as the Co-Chair for the Sterling and Lakeland Bank signature account replacing George. Commission Approved. • Setting up an account for Paypal: Best way for the Commission to accept payments/donations is to set up an account with Payline. Highly rated and does special work with Non-Profit. Month to month arrangement, no annual contract. Can set up ACH, but would like to start with CC donations first. o API – software hooks, that allow the payment processes to go through our website. Commissioners' reports: George Vurno • In reviewing the contract with Orange County, they require that you spend the money within 4 months, however it could be at an inopportune time. Would like Floyd to find some answers on this; paragraph 2. Eric Hastings • Marked stumps that are the floating stumps off Lake park. The stumps could possibly be towed in. • Handed out first draft of letter to HDR Floyd DeAngelo • Meet with Steve Newhouse, county Executive, at the association dinner and Steve B, Chairman of Orange County legislation, advised that the monies are coming but we would have to have a contract, spoke to Mary Hefernan, at the commissioner and public works office and she will send an updated contract; which we now have. • Ok on workers compensation. Michael Flaherty/Cathy Ahlers/Kelly Tuturo • All different boating regulations need to be finalized; towing/flags etc. Looking for common boating laws for Greenwood Lake, (State parks) Paul Sullivan • County meeting possibly in November to present Annual Report. Eric Pain • Level is 9 feet 10 inches, outflow is 5.2, 3.3 million gallons a day.
• Calling USGS to recalibrate the gauge downstream; Because the readings have been off. • Advised the Passaic county herbicide application is not our jurisdiction, so he passed it along to a couple different departments in the division. • Lakeside Road project, did not have any permits filed, its being investigated. • No information regarding Fontana, no follow up information received regarding upper lake view. • Water level management with Water Supply and Geo Science, they have gotten back to me on one topic but will get back to me on other issues as well. Bill 1 inch of rain in the summer results in a 2.2 inch rise in the lake. o 1 inch of rain in the winter results in a 4-4.6 inch raise. • Browns Point is owned by the state, as is Belchers creek. • Last four digits of Check #2386 $80,320.00; #2387 $750.00; #2388 $525.00 issued on the 9/22/2017. • MUA – vandalism, destroyed equipment that was there, including the solar power operations that turned the wells on and off. Contact Kelly at the MUA and also Carol Hardy. • To Look into West Milford lake dam, across from Shoprite. Bill Link • Town building inspector was observing the electrical lines today. o One of the lines passes right through the Marina’s property. Clint Smith • Advised there are 22 small dams around town. o Advised the Pine Cliff Lake dam and Eric’s dam are considered a danger if there were to be a failure. Dale Van Nimwegen • Handed out copy of letter sent to DEC for the Monaghan Grant. • Advised will send the letter about requesting for the extension, Floyd advised he will just fax it to Jesse Dwyer. • There is a sale of MUA pending and the town is now in charge of that matter, there is a referendum on the ballot on November 2, 2017. Carol Hardy has been contacted and will come in and advise us of what the scope is, hopefully in the October meeting. Paul Zarrillo • Contacted the Mayor Dwyer, still haven’t heard back from them yet about the Geese control project. • MSU September 30, 2017 with 25 students. Need extra help with navigation of the boats. o Advised there will be 1 police officer who will be available to assist. • A complaint from a lake resident about someone feeding ducks and geese, Paul forwarded the complaint to the health department and waiting to hear back from them. • Rocky point cove complaining about the weed growth. Called aquatic people to see if there is a different or better herbicide that they can use possibly at the root; waiting to hear back from them. • Received a letter from the deputy commissioner congratulating us on the stump reduction project. He got us the additional 17K. • Received a letter from a lake resident complaining about construction on the Sterling forest beach; forwarded on to the Sterling Park Forest Beach and they advised there will be more construction going next year and there will be proper permits. Boy scouts will be cleaning up the property for use in the future.

REMINDER: Next meeting is at the Village of Greenwood Lake, NY. 132 Windermere Road. @ 7:00pm Name Attendance 2017 Reports Given 2017 Paul Zarrillo 9/9 9 George Vurno 7/9 6 Dale VanNimwegen 8/9 9 Ed Krull 1/9 0 Clint Smith 9/9 7 Paul Sullivan 5/9 6 Bill Link 7/9 4 Eric Hastings 9/9 7 Floyd DeAngelo 8/9 7 Eric Pain 7/9 7 NYSDEC: Kelly Turturro/Michael Flaherty/Catherine Ahlers 8/9 5