January Meeting Minutes

West Milford Library, West Milford NJ.

 January 25, 2018

Open:  Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioners Attendance:   Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale Van Nimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Michael Flaherty, Jonathan Brett, Eric Pain, George Vurno

Absent:  Paul Sullivan, Micki Lees

Guest:  Ann Genader, Shelley Clapper, Keith Garley, Daniel Sullivan.

Treasury Report:

  • Handed out spreadsheets of financial statements.  Closed out year at $128,000.00 Aiming for $128,842.43.

  • Subcontractor expenses and utilities are up a bit. The line expenses were on target and budget.

  • $65,408.00 in bank, $42,195.28 in NY fund, and $23,213.61 NJ fund.

  • Biggest expense for the year of 2017 was checks clearing for insurance.

  • Handed out and discussed proposed 2018 Budget

    • Motion to approve the Budget ~ commissioners granted.

  • Revisiting the proposed financial split for NY and NJ. 

    • Waiting on documentation from the Bank regarding the $50k, so hoping to get some answers.

    • Propose that we take the $57,775.24 and split it 50/50, suggest we table further discussion on this until next meeting, until I get more information about it.

  • Handed out a revised M&P and would like to table the discussion until next month to give everyone a chance to review it and respond with suggestions. Motion to move discussion to next month.  Dale advised she will reach out to certain individuals to discuss.

  • No bills pending or coming up for the next month.

Commissioners' reports:

George Vurno

  • Advised cleaning out the filter areas, catch bins, is one of the most important things to take care of.

Eric Hastings

  • There is a study that is in Trenton and that report starts at the bridge at Belchers creek. There is a wall that is collecting all the sediment, we should be able to get the desilting done there.

  • Contractor called about a stream by Emerald point and greenwood lake park; advised will touch base in the spring.

  • Will pursue the Grant research more.

Floyd DeAngelo

  • Interested to see what kind of funding we get from NJ and use it to implement money out of NY State.

  • Advised that if we want to try to get $30 from Passaic county rather than Orange County.

    • Dale questions if approach Orange County for a specific project.  Floyd advised will talk to Barry Cheney about it.

  • Advised the sheet metal that the catch bins filters are constructed of are deteriorating.  Will send e-mail to commissioners again.

Michael Flaherty/Cathy Ahlers/Kelly Tuturo

  • No report; however, will look more into the Geese hunting rules and Tour Boat rules.

Paul Sullivan

  • No report.

Eric Pain

  • 10 feet 3 inches, covered in ice.

  • Outflow is 78.8 cubic feet per second; 50 million gallons a day going out.

  • Second phase of the Stump removal/reduction project the $17.5 has been ear marked for spring.  The

  • No update with the water management plan.

Micki Lees

  • No report.

Jonathan Brett

  • Talked to the kids that run the south shore, they got the permit to desilt thru Passaic county.

    • Advised to call warren dep, explain what is going on and get a case number.

    • Advised Belchers creek is in bad shape and hazardous to people on the lake.

  • Talked to Pete Wosyluk, did desilting in Upper greenwood lake.  Advised he has dumping sites that he uses and then turns the “desilting” into top soil.

Clint Smith

  • Advised we have a good relationship with environmental Commission and advised he will update them periodically.

  • Part of Belchers creek is owned by West Milford, we should get the town and county involved and spread the cost over a period of time.

    • Advised will measure the footage this weekend.

    • Advised will put together a plan to present to help clean up Belchers creek.

Dale Van Nimwegen

  • Trying to do research on how we can get more community involvement.

  • Possible looking into an LLC which can be used to pursue funds and grants that would have operating agreements for each state.  The Bi-State situation might be a deterrent.

    • Set up cost ~ NY cost would be @ $300-520 and the NJ side would cost @ $175-375.  The range is affected by obtaining legal counsel to obtain IRS C3 non-profit organization form, but Dale advised she could fill out the forms herself to avoid that extra charge.

    • $75-$300 per year for funding.

    • Use LLC as a tool for the commission to get funding for certain projects.

    • Use the LLC as the crowd funding approach; i.e gofundme for herbicides and such.

    • Using the LLC could help us get funds.  Perception is reality.

    • Suggesting a platform for our communications, lobbying, and funding via Facebook to develop a network and tool to support projects and interest.

      • Zip code mailings, emails, regular mailings. Etc

      • “Gofundme” accounts to help with Geese control project, herbicides, navigational hazards.

Paul Zarrillo

  • Received 2 bids for the Herbicides RFP:  Aquatic Technologies and Solitude.  The bids will be opened, reviewed and a winner will be chosen by February 2, 2018.

    • East Arm and All of New Jersey; from Fox island down, is where the Herbicides will take place.

  • The State Police advised Sargent Alex Perry is the new contact for Greenwood Lake.

  • Boat Course is February 11, 2018 at the GWL Airport

  • Reached out to the new Congressman Gotthiemer about any federal project we can get money from. Have not heard back yet.

  • January 9th, reviewed website with Zachary and Allison.  Updated the whole website and made it more appealing and user friendly.

  • Lake Hopatcong applied for a $100,000. Grant for a floating classroom.   LK Hopatcong has also received grant moneys from the Highlands Council.

  • Spoke in front of the council and agreed on the user fee.  Talked to Mayor Jesse Dwyer, and he was against the user fees.  Warwick will support it if the marina owners would support it.  Only two responses from the marina’s.

    • Guest at meeting Keith Garley:  Advised there many marina owners, lake front owners, and community members who are against the User Fee and would like to all meet at the next meeting to discuss. 

    • George Vurno:  Motion to table the user fee until after we find out if the funding proposal from the state is going to pass.  Dale to second motion. 1 against.

    • Clint doesn’t believe the user fee is going to bring in any money until years after it’s implemented.

    • Dale believes that it is not in our best interest either. It’s a polarizing issue within the commission and community.

  • Advised by Pennacchio to get the work started about the draft of the bill for the state funding.  Advised to get Duffy on board and get it all finalized and then get together. Advised we have good support from Passaic county; and then go from there.

  • Advised Pennacchio that there are separate accounts for our monies.

  • Advised the Lake Hopatcong money came from a license fund.

  • Still no response from Orange and Rockland Electric about the power cables in the water, emails and phone calls, but will take further measures if need be.

  • A company called Away with Geese have a product that deter the Geese.  Would like to look into this more.

  • RFP for Stump reduction:  Have had multiple request for the paperwork to apply for the Bid.

  • Fox Island Cables:  Received the letter back today and advised that they are not responsible for the cables.  Would like to move forward with this with the Town.

  • By Laws, tabled until next meeting.

  • Bubblers:  Regulations @ 50 feet.  Will look into this more.

NJ Coalition of Lakes; a meeting in the fall that we should attend.