December Meeting Notes

Greenwood Lake Commission

Greenwood Village Senior Center; Greenwood NY.

 December 20, 2017

Open:  Pledge of Allegiance

Commissioners Attendance:   Floyd DeAngelo, Eric Hastings, Clint Smith, Dale Van Nimwegen, Paul Zarrillo, Cathy Alhers, Eric Pain, George Vurno

1 Absent: Ed Krull

Guest:  Press.

Treasury Report:

  • Received deposit from OC.

  • Trying to work out the financial split for NY and NJ. 

    • There are deposits that do not have any notes to advise if it was a NJ or NY deposit

    • Will try to get the archival statements from Provident Bank.

Commissioners' reports:

Eric Hastings

  • Will work on Grant research.

Floyd DeAngelo

  • No Report

Michael Flaherty/Cathy Ahlers/Kelly Tuturo

  • No report.

Paul Sullivan

  • No report.

Eric Pain

  • Lake Height at 9.99

  • Outflow 8.82 cfs=5.6MGD

  • The $17,500 for the second phase of the stump reduction has been earmarked for spring.  While the money has been identified for use to remove the stumps by the previous administration the incoming administration could re-appropriate it if needed.

Bill Link

  • No report.

Clint Smith

  • Advised there is a NY chair but never received a letter for it.

Dale Van Nimwegen

  • See treasury report. 

Paul Zarrillo

  • Still no response from Orange and Rockland Electric about the power cables in the water, emails and phone calls, but will take further measures if need be.

  • Received Contract with USDA for the Geese project. @ $15-20K.

  • Would accept any recommendations for a replacement for Bill Link.

  • Web site visits... 2015/ 1297, 2016/ 2748, 2017/ 1998 through 12/15

  • Sent press releases regarding 500k, LH and GL, also sent info to many residents and businesses around GL

  • MSU will issue their report in March

  • Sent letters to surrounding towns asking for support of user fees and their input

  • Trying to contact NJSP regarding this years lake patrols

  • Dr. Fred Lubnow, no new 319 grant info available

  • May have interest from a neighbor to help with Grants

  • Old Bus.

  • F S F work would have to be completed by Jan. 6th, if we move forward with project/not likely

  • Geese contract is signed, would start in April if we find funding

  • workshops, had joint meeting to prioritize projects

  • Cables, sent additional letters and phone calls, no response yet

  • Herbicides, RFP was completed

  • LH Legislation.. need PR push throughout WM, PC, OC and states legislators

Old Business                                                                                                      New Business

Geese Control – In progress

Electrical Cables – In progress

MSU -  In progress; Waiting for results

NJ Work Shops:  November 28

Stump Project – COMPLETE

NY Work Shops: November 10

OC 20k - Waiting

Herbicides as Fundraiser

New floating stump fields – NJ project had to be canceled/prevailing wages

Boating Course dates: 2/11, 5/6, 4/5; also an increase of $5.00, to be $80.00 per person.

West arm stump field – Waiting for start date & wage requirements 

REMINDER: Next meeting is January 24, 2018 at the West Milford Library in West Milford @ 7:00pm


 Motion: November 2017:  Motion to split the Weed harvester NJ/80% - NY/20%

Motioned by: Dale VanNimwegen;  Seconded: Paul Sullivan: Motion Granted

Motion:  November 2017:  Expenses that if the deposit is $1k or less, it will just be split 50/50

Motioned by: Dale VanNimwegen; Seconded: Paul Sullivan:  Motion Granted

Motion:  November 2017:  Vote to move payment of bills into Treasury Report and not a separate agenda item.

Motioned by: Dale VanNimwegen;  Seconded: Paul Sullivan = Granted